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News for Joani if she's around

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1News for Joani if she's around Empty News for Joani if she's around 2/19/2019, 3:09 am


Couldn't recall when your ski trip was happening, Joani, but in case you missed this:

Brew Ha Ha Restaurant permanently closing Sunday

Hate to see someone fail in business, especially after only one year, but the owner admits she wasn't sufficiently capiltalized. And I'll admit the place never attracted me or hubby. Still....a shame.



Got back Monday.

I knew about it. I am not surprised, she was bouncing checks right and left. Liquor orders were COD and employees payroll checks were bounced many times. The staff turn over was extremely high. They wanted my nephew to do the liquor order on his day off without pay. Illegal as hell!

I went numerous times and the food kept getting worse and the service was awful most of the time.

I meet frequently with a group of friends I worked with from the 70’s. Ten of us met there one evening and after 45 minutes I called my nephew and told him we had been there since 6pm and never had our drink order taken. He came in and took care of us, drinks, food order, and service. We would have left but it was pouring down rain. Very disappointing.


Wow, OK, Joani, very interesting. I still had it in my head that you liked the place, as you'd posted a couple of times (I think) that the food was quite good.

But the things you're telling us about the latter days of Brew Ha Ha - recipe for disaster!


P.S. Hope your nephew landed on his feet elsewhere.



He did... he declined a manager position at Brew Ha Ha. I think he saw the writing on the wall.

I loved the nostalgia of the restaurant and always thought about Bob when I was there. Bob would have loved it. The food at first was good. I tired quickly if the limited gluten free options. Paying $13.00 for a burger without a bun was steep. At McGuires I could get a huge burger cheaper and take half of it home.


Thanks for putting me in mind of McGuire's. Need to get there quick before Spring Break starts in earnest; haven't been there in way too long. Not THIS weekend, tho (Pensacon).



I found a new gluten free option at Sidelines. Honey BBQ wings.

Eating out is a challenge, always a fear of cross contamination.


So sorry you have to deal with all that. Has to be a royal pain in the patoot.


I am sorry that your digestive issues are not getting better. The balance of my life if a fight for nutrition. We are staying at Jumers. Up about five hundred and had a wonderful comp buffet. Broasted chicked was great, beef was too tough for my jaw muscles.

I have developed a bit of quality of life issue which I probably would not share, but I have tried to be very specific in the catalog of dying. I have explained that when the cancer starts wasting your muscles, the once broad muscles become more chord or string like, so you get these huge flabbly flesh which hangs off your butt. When I roll over in bed the flaps sometimes triple, which means the one in the middle gets squished and raw over time. I apply topical bacterial applications, but it is the pain of the body pinching the wasted buttocks muscle plus the unbearable pain from the tail bone met which now has a vent hole.

I will be taking a discreet complete photo with my face and genitals covered so you can get an idea of how amazing it is to be alive, and better understand the battle. People just do not understand how miraculous my still be alive is, yet I keep telling people my time is I was able to sit with my wife in the buffet for almost an hour. Ten minutes a month ago was a miracle. I can now hold my head up. However, the liver confusion is real in this dying process, and I do not really get time of day or day of the week right, and I am often thinking it is monday when it is thursday, and think it is eight pm when it is nine in the morning. I hope sharing digestive, cancer, and other health issues helps people, but I would rather talk basketball, grandkids, and the natural beauty of this world.


You've shared both/all of it, Sea, and I hope you'll continue to do so.

After learning everything we have from you so far about the process of dying and what it's done to your body, I doubt there's anyone on this board who doesn't "get" how amazingly miraculous it is that you're still alive and kicking.  It's scary and inspiring at the same time.  Just wish you didn't have to suffer such pain and indignities in the process (tho I hope you know you still have dignity in our eyes, lots of it, triple flap butt or not).

Glad you're doing better in some respects.  We're on this roller coaster ride right along with you, even if necessarily from a great distance.

Do send the pic you're planning, if you can, and cover your face if you must, though honestly I don't see the need for that any more (and you can skip the ghost lecture - I understand all that, but I mean really).

Anyway, could you possibly explain what you mean by "vent hole"?  You mean there's a hole from the bone through the flesh to the outside?  Or what?  Just can't imagine the pain.   Bad enough when I bruised my coccyx falling down in the skating arena many decades ago - but cancer mets?   No clue how you handle that.   Do you still allow a little morphine here and there?

Keep eating! It must be at least some comfort to know the PRRT is still likely working in your favor.


When the liver fails and waste has to be expelled, you get these pimples all over where there is a yellow glass like waste material which if you were healthy your sweat would expel these glass like material which is the waste not being processed by your liver or kidneys. We have noted them over the kidney and liver area and generally over my back. The problem with these open sores is they can get infected. An infection on the tailbone right now would be horrible.

The doctor was shocked by the number of them on my back but I explained I pull material out every day as I fight to get the waste out through the kidneys and liver. There is a medical term for this condition, but I really am no longer able to do research.,but I pull as much of this material out and I always leave the sheets bloody. It is not a great amount of waste material, but it is poison and getting it out helps ever so slightly taking the load off the organs and getting the poison out.

Right when it got its worst, this yellow orange slime is all that comes out of you and the pores all fill up with poison. We were a little disappointed in our oncologist and dealing with pain, but he wants us back in and said he has some ideas once he sees tests in a month. Prrt has kept me alive a few months and as skeptical as I am I never thought any of this was possible, but I could easily not wake up this weekend after watching the granddaughters basketball game, and I am no believing that I could live months instead of weeks.


Wasn't that long ago you seemed certain you'd be gone before Thanksgiving, Sea. So who knows?

As for the 'poison pimples' (easier to remember if I name them), wow and good grief. Had no idea.

Hate that you're having to watch your body desert you this way, but whatever you're doing, as you said, it must be helping even if only in a small way. I say whatever works!


P.S. What more did you manage to eat Wednesday?

P.P.S. Still wondering what a vent hole is.


good review of the malnutrition in wasting and excess fluids.

All the lobster we can eat buffet for diamond card holders and our reservation is at one pm. we will stay to five pm because the wife gets this nice set of brass bowls at that time while I play cards. we have become that old couple who goes to casinos on a bus and spend all day eating and losing money.........

15News for Joani if she's around Empty Re: News for Joani if she's around 2/22/2019, 11:22 am



Wishing you a great weekend, Seaoat.

We are now into Softball for my high school basketball player. Still have basketball for my two middle school granddaughters. My daughter coaches them, a feeder program for the high school.

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