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Weather in Your Area

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1Weather in Your Area Empty Weather in Your Area 9/20/2018, 6:36 pm


I want to illicit the natives opinions on your weather, and storms during the hurricane season. Where I currently live, it can get pretty cold in the winter. For example single digits and teens for two weeks in January it seems to go straight from winter to summer with little or no spring or fall weather How much of your spring and fall is pleasant and usable for outside activities? Statistics show that you get tropical storms or hurricanes around every four years. I would like to know if these are relatively minor or serious damage events for the most part? I know you have had a couple of really bad storms over the years, but that seems to be the price for living next to the ocean.

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I was born and raised here and am 69 years old, so I can probably help you a little with the weather. I will say this: My husband and I have traveled all over this country since I retired and he semi-retired about 6 years ago. We go camping and take our dogs. I can honestly say that there is not a single place in America that I would rather live than right here in Pensacola.Our winters are usually mild, with an occasional spell of cold weather. When I say cold, it gets down around 20 or so sometimes and we're all freezing. That only lasts a few days though, and only for a couple of times every winter.
Fall is wonderful and starts around the 3 week of October. I say that because locals will tell you that we always have our first "cold snap" when the Interstate Fair is here, and that comes the third week of October. It usually goes down to about 40 then and warms up within a week or so. November can be very nice, December can bring some of the colder temps and January is the worst. By March, it's warming up.  So, winter is only about 4 months long at most. The Spring is okay but short, and by May, it's getting pretty warm. It can easily be in the high 80's and mid 90's all summer, with heat indexes around a hundred. And it's humid. You can walk from your car into a store and feel like you've walked into and out of an oven. But, we have our beaches and they make up for it all, IMO. The breezes there make them wonderful even when it's hot, and they are the most beautiful in America. I haven't been all over the world, but I have completely driven around the west coast and east coast plus all of Florida, and the Gulf of Mexico cannot be matched for beauty.
People are pretty nice down here too. It's a very conservative area, but I haven't had anyone toss rocks at me when they found out that I am a raging Democrat, and there are more of us around than most folks think.  The cost of living is low, so are most salaries. But we have some good paying industries that if you can get a job there, you will do quite well here. Navy Federal is one place that comes to mind, plus there are federal jobs available here too.
Other advantages: You can get to New Orleans in 2 hours and 45 minutes and New Orleans has big name acts and any kind of entertainment or shopping you'd ever want to engage in. My son and daughter live there and it's my second favorite city.  You can get to Atlanta in 5 hours, or to Disney World in about 7 hours. You can get to the Smokey Mountains in 9 hours, so if you get tired of Pensacola, you can get to pretty much anyplace you'd like to go for a change in just a very few hours. That's another reason this is the perfect place to live.
Anyway, hope I've helped.I don't want to be a cheerleader, but I would recommend Pensacola to anybody  thinking about moving.  To me, it's perfect. Of course, it's also home.

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Oh, I see you asked about hurricanes and I didn't answer. Our house is on high ground and so is most of Pensacola. The downtown area floods some during heavy rain events but most people aren't bothered by that. As for the wind, we've only had one hurricane during my lifetime that did serious damage to Pensacola and that was Ivan.
We've had a lot of near misses like Fredrick that got Mobile and we usually get some wind from those, but nothing serious.

The answer to hurricanes is that the big ones don't come very often at all and when they do, I advise getting out of town. We stayed during Ivan and I will never do that again. Our privacy fence was downed, our garage doors collapsed, we had two trees on the roof, and it happened after dark so all the noise was terrifying.
On the good side, nearly everyone in Pensacola got new roofs and new privacy fences afterward and there aren't nearly so many trees to fall on houses anymore Very Happy
Buy good insurance for your house and get out of town. That seems to be the answer for hurricanes. And do remember, they are very rare and you have lots of warnings.

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