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Trump gives $100,000 to DOE; proposed budget calls for $9.3 billion in cuts to education

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Crazy thing is, the misdirection works with his stupid fucking base. All day I've been seeing cheers that he's a great guy and donated his salary and really cares about education... nothing about the major cuts (which are already wrecking colleges -- friends of mine in academia and libraries are having to do drastic cuts just to stay solvent). And people in college towns are losing work because that's where the money is, and nobody can afford their services. Trickle-down does work, but not in the way Republicans think it does...

People are so easily fooled now. They're like second-graders at a magic show. The $100,000 is the puff of smoke from the left hand to get you to look, while the right hand is stuffing billions into a pocket. And the blinky-eyed innocents wander away from the whole thing going, "Wow, did you see that puff of smoke? Amazing!"

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