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Pretty stuff from unexpected sources

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I don't know if anyone here is into metal at all.  I've always loved metal and punk (that was one of my favorite things about vacationing in Pensacola as a kid - your record stores beat ours all to hell when it came to obscure metal bands) and didn't outgrow it... and don't ever plan to.   But even if metal isn't your thing, the musicianship here should make this worth watching, and it stays pretty (almost folk-y) for a while before the electricity kicks in.  

If that doesn't work correctly, try this link, or just skip to 15 minutes and 30 seconds into the video.  That's when the song starts.  They're a Brazillian thrash metal band, and the middle is raging metal stuff, but don't worry, it turns pretty again at the end, with some flamenco guitar even sneaking in there.  The skill level is crazy.

Another surprising moment from Brazillian metal is this bit of "folk metal" (far more folk than metal -- and they sound more Irish than Brazilian).  The guest  singer is Fernanda Lira from Nervosa.  She usually screams like an angry cat (which I also like), but can also verge on Aretha Franklin when she wants to sing "clean."  

As much as I love her regular band, I wish she'd do more clean singing, too. Since she and the guitarist are both really into blues, I'm hoping they'll start a side project.



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