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Trumps are a crime family

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1Trumps are a crime family Empty Trumps are a crime family 10/31/2016, 1:33 pm


2Trumps are a crime family Empty Re: Trumps are a crime family 10/31/2016, 1:45 pm


This election has denigrated to some kind of third world plutocracy pretending to hold democratic elections. Enough. Can we just focus on the utter lack of experience by one candidate who has proven he is a sociopath with no policies which make a lick of sense, against a candidate who has lucid policies which make sense and will work for Americans. When one side reverts to criminalizing political opponents, it does not improve the situation to have the other side now swimming in that same idiot stream.

Hillary will win the election because Americans are not stupid. They get this.

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