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This is the most detailed photo of the exterior of the Pensacola Beach Casino I've seen

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Hospital Bob

Hospital Bob

I'm told it was taken around 1960. Be sure and maximize it and scroll left/right to view the full size photo.


Notice how white and pristine the beach sand was back then. We truly used to have the whitest beaches anywhere in the world.
Back before all the construction sand was hauled in for development which tainted it, you could drive down our beaches in the winter and the sand dunes did literally look like they were covered with a layer of fresh white snow.



Cool pic. I think I'm to young to remember the Casino. Plus, my folks always took us to Quietwater Beach as kids. Or we'd go to Five Flags Motel and swim in the pool with out of town family visiting there.



I can't see the picture.

We were little when Casino Beach was did not let us go there because it was for older kids. We also went the quiet water beach.

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