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Judge Curiel Rules Trump Must Face Trial for Racketeering in Trump University Suit

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"Federal District Court Judge Gonzalo Curiel has ruled that Donald J. Trump, founder of Trump University, must face civil trial for fraud and racketeering under the federal Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (“RICO”). Trump had moved for summary judgment in a last-ditch effort to block a class-action trial scheduled to begin right after the national election.

Denying the motion, Judge Curiel ruled that there were genuine issues of material fact for trial as to whether Trump had personally committed fraud and racketeering. If Trump loses, he is liable for three times the damages suffered by the students who paid tuition. That is the bite of the RICO statute — triple damages. This could amount to many tens of millions of dollars.

In a much less important ruling, Judge Curiel denied the plaintiffs’ motion to make videotapes of Trump’s deposition public. The transcripts are already public, and have been for several weeks, having been made public by Judge Curiel in an earlier ruling. Judge Curiel ruled that while the public has an interest in watching his demeanor, it is not the usual practice to make videotapes public before trial, and the public already has the ability to read his words at the depositions.

Judge Curiel is presiding over two separate class-action lawsuits. In both cases, the court has certified the suit as a class action and has denied motions to dismiss. The first, Low v. Trump University, sues the institution — Trump University — as well as Trump personally — on many different theories of recovery, including misrepresentation, breach of contract, and taking advantage of seniors. The second, Cohen v. Trump, is a far more surgical in its approach — it sues Trump individually for fraud and racketeering under the federal RICO statute, and relies no other theory of recovery.

Judge Curiel ruled Tuesday afternoon that there were genuine issues of material fact for trial. He pointed to plaintiffs’ evidence of each of the following: that Trump had personally reviewed the fraudulent advertising and marketing materials; that holding the institution out as a “university” constituted fraud; that Trump had personally conducted the affairs of the putative university; that Trump had personally exercised substantial control over TU; that Trump did not personally select the instructors when he said in advertising that he did; and that Trump personally participated in a scheme to defraud. Now to be clear, Judge Curiel did not decide these issues of fact today, but he did decide that there is substantial evidence presented sufficient for the matter to proceed to trial..."



When will we know the date the trial will begin?


After the election. Here is the part nobody is talking about. This is a civil Ricco case. There is nothing which stops a State AG to bring criminal Ricco case against Trump after the election and the conclusion of the Trump civil case. There is no double J here. This man may be melting down knowing that a Republican AG might be planning to indict. However, none of this will happen until after the election. American justice requires a fair trial.



One trial date is November 28; I don't believe the judge has set the other date.

The RICO charges could hit him where he lives, because they carry triple damages, not to mention the stain on the Trump brand.

But part of that trend had already started in 2015, when this article was published:

(Univision, NBC, Macy's, Dubai, Turnberry)


There will be a criminal trial after the elections. With the civil trial they will be able to get testimony which meets the elements of a criminal Ricco conviction. There is no double J with the civil trial......Trump has lived a life time screwing people and flim flaming them......see how his lawyers do against a criminal this is an indictment which will happen. This man is melting down because he knows what he did and when he takes the fifth on the stand in the civil, America will know.

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