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Woman attacked by deputy and gets convicted of attacking deputy-watch video

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Unbelievable! A jury convicts her.


A police state begins with citizens not stepping up. How a jury found her guilty of assault based only on that video is very difficult to understand. If there was more which was not on the video is the only explanation.


I'm not sure that the jury saw that video. I think they just convicted on the deputy's word, however; it seems they tried to justify the attack because they said she made a derogatory comment.



Good God!


I know, right? What's baffling is this case was reviewed by a citizen's review board who sided w/ the deputy's? The woman was beaten unconscious and then stripped naked and thrown in a cell w/ male deputy's all around. Something is very wrong in this country or maybe it's just that county but to believe this is acceptable is mind blowing.

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