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The Presidential election is over....time to focus on Congress

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The umbrella of hate which hijacked the Republican party and has for the last thirty years been manipulated by special interests, has now been completely hijacked by Trump, which means reasonable Americans have to question exactly who their house member and senator is working. I voted for Kirk for Senate last time. He was a moderate Republican who suffered a stroke since being elected, but has more often than not been part of the obstructionist Senate. I am going to vote for Tammy Duckworth a helicopter pilot who lost her legs in combat. I live in a rural heavy Republican area of the state of Illinois. My former congressman was Denny who became speaker of the house. His successor is a parrot for special interests, but his opponent on the Democrat ballot is just not somebody I can vote if I live to 2018 I will contribute to anybody who primaries my current House member. I think this is where America changes. We need folks who want to cut the military budget, make cuts in our police state, return to fair tax rates of the early 80s, and fight for renewable energy and tax credits for the same.......Hillary or Trump just are not enough to make the changes needed in this country.....we need a congress who works for Americans.

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