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US Open

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1US Open Empty US Open 6/19/2016, 1:43 pm


Wow......those greens are lightening. When you land behind the hole and it rolls off the front of the green.......Well ask Bubba who went from six over to nine over playing mini golf where a windmill kept blowing his ball down the hill..... No

2US Open Empty Re: US Open 6/19/2016, 2:11 pm


Bubba would do better to focus on his golf game and leave The blue Wahoos and his Candy store alone..Studer will mess him if he is not careful...

3US Open Empty Re: US Open 6/19/2016, 2:33 pm


Slocum and Bo Weekly have fallen off the radar screen, but the Milton kids have done well, and despite their outside is an incredibly difficult game to keep performing at the highest level. I hoped he would buy the Moors and get it open because there were rumors, but I would bet Bubba is making more on endorsements than he is on his golf, and tax shelters and building business alternatives are wise moves. I have not been to his candy store, but I cannot see that being profitable, and opening a golf course after thousands have closed in the last ten years would be a tough challenge when folks in Illinois are paying eighteen bucks for a cart and 18 holes.....I remember paying 65 bucks at the Moors......would not do that today, but to reopen that facility with such a large fixed overhead, 20 buck greens fees is not going to cover it. He would have to spend time there, and possibly look to develop a hotel where people would come to his course......I think probably less risk in candy and the Wahoos.

4US Open Empty Re: US Open 6/19/2016, 3:38 pm


I was hoping he would at least help with the Osceola public golf course, He isnt involved with local golfing scene. Too bad One time at the Moors in a Diviot Derby tourney , Bubba cut the dog leg out of #1 or was it #9? My son was playing in group in back on him, Any wasy all the other young guys tried and got hung up in ruff. I liked the Moors. Harder than it looked The closing holes could get tricky if the wind was blowing..Nice place...Good Bubba was a real smart ass. T\The Selmacontry club wasreally a racist course. Bubba did not like it(as well as a lot of others) He really showed his ass after the tournament,,,It was really funny

5US Open Empty Re: US Open 6/19/2016, 5:28 pm


I am still mystified as to why Bubba decided on a candy and ice cream store (opening in July, Sea, so you couldn't have gone there yet).  Such a strange thing to do, hawking sugar and extra calories to our already-obese, diabetic youth when, as an athlete, you should be the first one recommending a healthy lifestyle.  Just seems to me this is the last thing our youth need.  Yes, sure, everyone deserves a treat once in a while, but a store like this thrives on repeat business.  
I seem to recall Quint Studer was involved in the concept, too, if not also an investor, and that, also, seems strange since he's been so big in the health field, supporting the Y, etc. .   Anyone else wondering about this?  I mean, I'm no skinny lady and should be the last person to criticize anyone else's indulging, but this is our kids we're influencing, via their local golf hero.   Just seems all wrong to me.  I'll get over it.

6US Open Empty Re: US Open 6/19/2016, 6:52 pm


I had a non resident membership at Tiger Point, so I got to play four courses besides Tiger and did not get to play the Moors that much, but every time I drive by I am thinking what an incredible piece of property. I enjoyed playing it with some buddies who got tired of Tiger Point and we loved it. I had Slocum's dad do some sub contracting for me back about ten years ago when his son, and Weekly were doing quite well.......he claimed he coached all three and had a driving range or golf course in LA before settling in the Milton area......he was looking at properties before the crash to do a golf course, but the economics of a golf course are crazy. I have a friend who built a course in Speaker of the House Ryan's Rock County Wisconsin home, and it boomed for about three years and then they started laying folks off at the GM plant and eventually closed it in the downturn.....he and his three partners got slaughtered and walked away from the course. However, Bubba has name recognition, and I get him showing his asz as a kid, but the folks who market national brands love him, and I can see him making a lot of money for many years after his golf peaks.....two time Master's winners are in a select club.

7US Open Empty Re: US Open 6/19/2016, 8:34 pm


Oh I like Bubba. My son played in many of the same tournaments. His father was almost abusive to him. His father was a big drinker...Studer is smart. Bubba needs someone to help him with his image. I dont think the "Candy" store is for children. I am thinking it will be like one of those high end Candy stores like in Savannah or that area. Bubba doesnt have his father to guide him any more That has to be very difficult.

8US Open Empty Re: US Open 6/19/2016, 8:39 pm


I think he is very happy with the wife and the kids.....sometimes becoming a parent can help mature an individual. He does wear his emotions on his sleeve sometimes, and you can sense that there is some pain in his past.

9US Open Empty Re: US Open 6/19/2016, 8:57 pm


They used to call this Bubbas home course, I think they had a house on the course..

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