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Down elections.....Senate race in Ohio....15 million dark money and he has almost a 10pt lead

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This is the key state this year. The Senate race is very telling. Brown could have easily been beat when in the spring the Democrats only had a 39% chance of taking the senate in the 2012 election. Huge amounts of dark money is pouring in......and his lead is growing. People understand who Romney is going to work for....they get it......the war drums are desperately drumming on Fox News as the shrill screams are utter desperation as a person like Brown who was expected to booming forward.....maybe....just maybe.....issues do matter.



I just listened to an interview of Sen. Brown. The other interesting race is Elizabeth Warren vs Scott Brown.


I am not a real fan of Elizabeth Warren. I think some of the things she has done are dead cinch correct, but she has this idea government will solve everything. Scott Brown is as close to the middle as you can get, and more people need to find the middle. He should have won this race. Nope, the polls have swung, and Romney and his dark money are going to destroy the Republican Party. Scott Brown in my opinion is a moderate. Elizabeth Warren as correct as she is on some of her attacks on wall street is strident and far left.....She will be in the senate for 6 years......she will be voting for a supreme court justice.....I think Brown would have been more moderate, but again a landslide is beginning and in November they are going to try to determine was started the big slide, and what could have been done. It started in the Florida Primary when the dark money poured in for hope after this is over that we will make a bipartisan attempt to correct Citizens United because this thing will kill America if we do not get our elections back.

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