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We don't need doctors or health care.

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A guy wrote a story how in his 40s he was diagnosed with a failing heart. He knew the medical treatment would bankrupt his wife and kids. He decided to help them by killing himself and letting his wife collect the insurance on him. His death would be by running himself to death. He got himself mentally ready and ran as hard and fast as he could but instead he just passed out woke up walked home and decided to try the next day. It went on like this until he was running marathons....your legs are good medicine...unfortunately the docs will probably kill your "miracle" guy with drugs....oh well.


Another suggestion is the doctor blew the diagnosis. I have had this happen three times in my life, and when they dropped the ball in my did not have a happy ending. We have amazing technology and medications, but when you walk into a doctor's office, you rarely find find humanity who makes mistakes......more right decisions than wrong.....but when a doctor makes a mistake.....people die. It is not like baseball when you get one hit in three you are an allstar.........when they get it right it is a wonderful thing.

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