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War on Terrorism Highway

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1War on Terrorism Highway Empty War on Terrorism Highway 10/17/2015, 10:38 pm


I was shocked on I 65 south of Birmingham. They had signs dedicating parts of the interstate to different things......there was a sign....War on Terrorism Highway. Conceptually this sign does not make any sense. It is an absurdity if a person is logical. It made me start thinking about how Orwell played with words to get the masses to be controlled. Is it really a war requiring the MIC, or isn't it law enforcement going after criminal conspiracies? I mean when we start thinking that the war on terrorism was Iraq.....and the four thousand dead American kids.....well we need to dedicate things to honor these kids......but we do not honor them creating a nonsense concept. I find the sign offensive. It would be like me putting up a sign dedicating a section of the interstate to the victims of the Military Industrial Complex who died in Iraq. That is a political statement which has less to do with honoring kids than making a statement. I guess a sign which was dedicated to Iraq and Afghanastan Veterans would make sense to me, but this sign had a clear political intent which justified these kids being killed......there is NO justification, rather it should be a simple dedication to those lost serving this country. It was mind boggling to see that sign.

2War on Terrorism Highway Empty Re: War on Terrorism Highway 10/17/2015, 11:18 pm



They left out one important word.."endless"

3War on Terrorism Highway Empty Re: War on Terrorism Highway 10/18/2015, 10:40 am



Butthurt you both are ....

4War on Terrorism Highway Empty Re: War on Terrorism Highway 10/18/2015, 11:01 am



Obamasucks wrote:Butthurt you both are ....

You may enjoy living in a surveillance state and it's associated militarized police but I don't.

5War on Terrorism Highway Empty Re: War on Terrorism Highway 10/21/2015, 8:28 pm



Here's a war on terrorists group of folks heading to Europe

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