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More Jewish opposition to Iran deal- Top four House Jews will not back Iran deal

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Wonder what took you folks so long to see Obama was using you?



The whole Israel moving into Muslim territory thing is like sheep cohabiting with a pack of wolves...the only thing is I don't know yet if Israel are the sheep or wolves...



Top four House Jews will not back Iran deal

Of course they won't because they have not the will to push back against AIPAC.

That's okay, once Bibi is done trying to stab Obama in the back over the Iran deal, Obama's DOJ will have its day by finally forcing AIPAC to register with the government as an agent representing a foreign interest. We will see how Bibi's interests are helpd by this move.

It will be about time, as this should have been done years ago. It will be another win by Obama for the American people.

US Department of Justice Asked to Regulate AIPAC as a Foreign Agent of the Israeli Government

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