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Netanyahy on GMA

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1Netanyahy on GMA Empty Netanyahy on GMA on 7/19/2015, 9:50 am


I have full respect for intelligence, but we missed some of the underground sites so he suggests that the inspections will not find their production facilities.  The right thing is not to do this deal.  I never talk about the military options.

He sounds defeated.   His analogy to a meth dealer dumping drugs down the toilet got slammed by the Energy Secretary who made fun of the analogy......we can detect facilities many times over the 24 days.......

Aid to Israel must be trimmed down, as with Iraq, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and the other Gulf States....we need to withdraw from active operations and aid support in the Middle East.........Maybe then and only than will this country be free of the tar baby.

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That I can agree with... but it's a simple thing to read the section q in the agreement and see the limits on inspection.

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Netanyahy on GMA Isis10

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Benjamin Netanyahu is an extreme right-wing Israeli politician. President Barrack Obama has his number, and in a rare show of real leadership, has proven that Israel will not be allowed to influence American politics like it has under previous Republican administrations. Bill Clinton also showed such resolve when Bibi was the Israeli PM during the mid-1990s.

The United States owes Israel nothing. Israel has become very dependent upon U.S. foreign aid and good will. They are a welfare queen. Our presidents need to run the show, and not allow AIPAC and Israeli extremists to dictate terms of our foreign policy or make unreasonable demands from the U.S.

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