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You're fifty times as likely to get shot to death by a cop than to die from a terrorist attack.

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On tonight's Bill Maher show, the topic of just how many unarmed victims are gunned down by cops came up.  Guest Fareed Zakaria said a recent study stated there were some 950 victims yearly.

Which makes your chances of being murdered by a rogue, out of control cop a helluva lot more likely than getting killed by a terrorist.

We need to spend an equal sum to wipe out cop terrorists as we do the Muslim kind.

We could put marines like War Hero on the job.  Put them to good use!



Citizen's United proved you can't trust the
Supreme Court.

The recession and insane costly wars we couldn't win prove we can't trust the government.

You can't trust news anchors like Brian Williams or Bill O'Reilly.

You can't trust your local cop.

So who in hell are we supposed to trust?



You sure do worry about getting shot. Why is that?



It's your second thread in as many days



KarlRove wrote:You sure do worry about getting shot. Why is that?

I guess it's because I'm smart enough to be safety conscious.  I wear a seat belt when I drive, and a helmet, leather gloves and boots when I'm on my motorcycle. 

And any cop who stops you is clearly a life threat.  Since you think all cops are wonderful, brave, and forthright, perhaps you can explain why they are so obviously scared to death when they confront a citizen.

Shit, you sneeze at the wrong moment and the cop goes for his sidearm!

I'm scared of confrontations with police officers because their track record proves they have anger issues and violent tendencies.

When I hear about a cop being killed, I don't know whether to laugh or cry.  Reality.

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