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Release of Prisoners

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1Release of Prisoners Empty Release of Prisoners 6/14/2012, 1:43 pm



A press release from our Sheriff June 13 makes it look like all is hunky-dory. - (From

The following is a list of the number of inmates that were either
transferred to another facility or had sentences reduced:
50-- were eligible to be released for time served and were released
48-- were transferred to state prison (they were already sentenced to
state prison and their transfer was expedited)
31-- were bonded out by various bail bondsmen
4 -- posted their own cash bond
18-- were being held for other agencies and they were transferred to
those various agencies
15-- were federal inmates and were released to the U.S. Marshals
6 -- were nolle pros

So, 50 were eligible to be released. If they were eligible to be released, why was the Sheriff still holding them? Does he get a higher budget based upon a higher number of "guests" at his establishment?

And WHY can't you find the Sheriff's Office at the Escambia County website Golly gee, I thought that the ECSO was part of Escambia County gubment.

2Release of Prisoners Empty Re: Release of Prisoners 6/15/2012, 11:36 am


Guest Here's their website..I think America "the land of the free" has way too many prisoners, I would clear out death row faster than a Texan and let the non violent offenders go, people shouldn't be locked up for drugs when alcohol and tobacco are being sold over the counter..

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