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Obama= Dronemaster and Clinton was Cruisemissilelord

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Clinton pretty much used cruise missles the way Obama uses the drones. Of course, cruise missiles were an easy choice when he had other choices of entertainment such as Monica Lewinsky and cigars right under Hillary's nose. Drones require a bit more finesse since they are still under manned control after launching and their payloads not to be distributed without the right rules of engagement being fulfilled. Considering that the MQ-9 Predator and Reaper Drones can fly for more than a 24 hour period, who has abused the technology more? To think that we will continue to hold superiority in this tech area forever would be a falsehood. The tech has been proven to be susceptible to hijacking. This is how the Iranians claimed to have brought down an RQ-170 not too long ago that I am sure Russian and Chinese scientists have thoroughly perused and are now reverse engineering the electronics and skin of the RPAs.

I am glad that it does not risk human life, but are we prepared to deal with the same when maybe another country with this tech starts running this same stuff across our borders and doing our own citizens harm. I think that RPA tech is more dangerous that nukes to be honest. I am glad my country is on the leading edge of this tech. I hope and pray we stay ahead of everyone else that we know is furiously trying to match this weapon system.

Personally, I think our real threats are south of the border in the Central American part of the world. We know Chavez in Venezuela is butt buddies with Iran. There is rumor that Hezbollah has training camps in Mexico. This is a bit more complicated than Mexicans running from a terrible life in their country for a better opportunity. The loose border we have may be our achilles heel with the advances others are going to make in the future. We might not want to lock it down for humanitarian reasons, but I think the national security risks outweigh the benefits we make for others trying to do better with their lives.

I sure hope we can "step our game up" regardless of who becomes the next POTUS. With Obama though, I feel like he will let those who would do us hard exploit those weaknesses.

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