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I just saw American Sniper

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1I just saw American Sniper Empty I just saw American Sniper 2/13/2015, 5:48 pm


I thought is was a good movie and much more complex and multi layered than some critics have stated. I was blown away by how subtle Eastwood was in bringing into question the entire Iraq war. I think it was borderline brilliant. The last scene with Chris grabbing the handgun and asking his wife to drop her drawers blew my mind. The movie ending was excellent. Again subtle. There were too many good scenes, but the one that stuck with me was when one of his buddies responded to Chris who said "there is evil here.......and he responds "Chris......there is evil everywhere." Kaboom......Eastwood is brilliant. My wife and I talked about how as he has aged his directing has just gotten better. Again multi layered and complex, and GOOD!

Now for Bob. My wife and I attended the first movie in two years. We decided we are going to try to see about twenty movies this year. So me bought a plastic bucket for about 18 bucks which will allow us to get a bucket of popcorn this year for 4 bucks........we do not have to sneek anything in, and for the first time both my wife and I got the senior discount. We figure going to matinees will cost us about 9 bucks apiece for the rest of the year with a bucket of popcorn and two dollar drinks. Now to get the 18 bucks and in the tradition of Bob, we figure we will rob a gas station before each show.

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