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NJ mayor Booker says paying your fair share is patriotism?

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I believe this is a Biden line.

When did the Dems start having people that actually paid taxes aside from the 1% in their own party? The rest of the party seems to pay zero in taxes and/or gets an earned income credit.

Most of the 50% that do not pay any form of federal income tax are Dems. Where is their patriotism? Isn't is patriotic to pay taxes? Biden told us that and now this guy. How about we all pay into the system, Dem or GOP at least 1k per year with no earned income credit? How much revenue could we make that could pay down the deficit?

Personally, I overpay. I do that on purpose to get money back when I file my tax return on 31 January. Sure, I let the Fed use my money from Jan 31 until my refund. Then I get my excess paid in, back...

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