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Woman shot, killed at Walmart in Idaho by two-year-old son

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The 29-year old mom was carrying a pistol in her purse. The kid was sitting next to her purse in the seat of a shopping cart. The kid pulled the pistol out of the purse and pointed it at her and it went off.

A sad situation, indeed; however, I feel the ghost of Darwin may have been at work here. You don't let kids get near guns--maybe she was one of those gun-nuts who stays armed and ready no matter ho many toddlers are around her.

In any case, she clearly lost situational-awareness; i.e. looking away from her son and purse for one or two seconds too long.


Jesus! What an awful tragedy.You just can't have guns around kids period.



dang baby could have died instead to wonder if baby tripped the gun safety lock thing lol--mine had a lock to it I practiced so I could take it off safety if I needed to , aaww safety is the word I was trying to say Rolling Eyes



I feel sorry for the child.

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