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This thread is for Sal. And for older forum members too.

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Hospital Bob

Hospital Bob

I know Sal will enjoy this because of the politics of it in the beginning.

But about halfway through he talks about going on the Johnny Carson Tonight Show for the first time and what that experience is about.  And if you boomers were Carson watchers like me you'll get into that part too.  
And I warn you this guy is as liberal/progressive as anyone on the commercial media.
But he's so good at what he does who gives a crap.

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Pomposity personified.

Hospital Bob

Hospital Bob

This is the new kid on The Young Turks coming to the defense of Maher.
Again,  the kid is as partisan as Maher,  but also like Maher,  he's got the words and the delivery to go places.  Altogether different tone and style and personality from Maher,  but the ability to do words and the delivery of those words are what counts.

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