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Obama's Boldest Move on Carbon Comes With Perils

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Chamber of Commerce said the rule would cost $50 billion to the economy and kill jobs

The rule probably would push utilities to rely more on natural gas because coal emits about twice as much carbon dioxide. The recent oil and gas drilling boom in the U.S. has helped lower natural gas prices and, by extension, electricity prices. But it still generally is cheaper to generate power with coal than with natural gas. Also, natural gas prices are volatile and can lead to fluctuations in power prices.

The rule will push the U.S. closer to the 17 percent reduction by 2020 it promised other countries at the start of Obama's presidency, it will fall far short of the global reductions scientists say are needed to stabilize the planet's temperature. That's because U.S. fossil-fueled power plants account for 6 percent of global carbon dioxide emissions.
Another death nail to the country.

I must have missed that we pledged to a government apparently higher than our own to reduce emissions by 17%

You just have to love this shell game they use to redistribute Americas wealth while forcing us into 3rd world status.

whats that shell game you say? >>>>>>>> this!

carbon credits. The best and most brilliant idea to ever come along to redistribute a nations wealth.

It goes like this. developed nations like ours, purchase carbon credits from under developed poor nations, transfer of wealth complete, then cancel out the credits by continuing to do provide energy the way it is done.

What a scam!

I will say this again as I have in the past. This presidents goal is to do as much damage to this country as he can before he exits.

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