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Abortion remorse is forever...

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1Abortion remorse is forever... Empty Abortion remorse is forever... 5/7/2014, 4:43 pm



Remorse Is Forever
© Ebony Angel B.
I can't believe I took your life
I know now and I knew then, I had no right.
It was a selfish choice than I made.
I chose myself when your life, I could have saved.
I thought it would be easier to terminate
But i still feel the remorse 3 years to the date.
You were one of Heavens Angels that GOD lent to me.
And I took your life, could GOD forgive me.
I was lost and confused and didn't know what to do.
So I selfishly chose me, when I should have chose you.
I regret that I will never see your face.
or never comfort you with a motherly embrace.
That decision has put a strain on our marriage.
I believe what we did was the cause of our recent miscarriage.
I hope GOD can forgive us, and that you can do.
To bring you back there is nothing I wouldn't do.
Live on my love I will see you at the gate.
To hold, love and kiss you Mommy just can't wait.
I'm sorry I've stolen an Angel away.
I will feel Remorse FOREVER, because of that day.

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