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The Oar house

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1The Oar house Empty The Oar house on 8/17/2010, 6:40 am


How many of you visit there often?

I dont care for the food there. I like the atmospere, but the food just dont get it for me.

2The Oar house Empty Re: The Oar house on 8/17/2010, 5:41 pm

boards of FL

boards of FL
I have only ever been for drinks, though I have heard roughly the same about the food.

3The Oar house Empty Re: The Oar house on 8/17/2010, 6:32 pm


I've never been there.

4The Oar house Empty Re: The Oar house on 9/2/2010, 11:47 pm


I used to be a regular when I lived in town. I ordered the etoufee. It is only offered as a side and you have to ask for it special in a full bowl, either with or without rice. They may or may not give it to you if you ask. I was a regular, so I got it when I asked. I like it without rice, with Saltines. I also like the Grouper sandwich and the dirty cajun sandwich. Oh, and the forklift! That's a good one.

As a disclaimer, I have to say that the food is not really the main attraction. The atmosphere is where it's at. I honestly cannot think of a place that has better atmosphere in all of the Pensacola area. I do love the Paradise, the Shaker, the Z, the Whiz, and a few others, but all in all the atmosphere at the Oar House couldn't be beat. And they always had great music playing... Tim Spencer always played on Friday nights and he would play me anything from Waylon and Willie to the Commodores and anything in between.

5The Oar house Empty Re: The Oar house on 9/2/2010, 11:48 pm


Azadeh wrote:I've never been there.

I tried to take you once and you didn't want to go!!


(that looks like a butt crack to me)

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