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Diabetes Drugs

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Thanks, Dump, but I'm not diabetic nor have I ever taken any of those drugs. The drug I'm referring to is one of the thiazides, which is a listed possible cause of pancreatitis (not pancreatic cancer, far as I know).

I'd say I hope your post helps someone else, BUT I certainly hope there's no one among us with pancreatic cancer.

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There are so many side effects of nearly every drug that is at all effective. I try desperately to stay off the internet after my doctor prescribes me a new pill, but I usually don't have enough willpower.
My dad died of Pancreatic cancer, and it is an awful thing.
The only pills he ever took were for Parkinson's.
I think pancreatic cancer is as much genetic as it is a reaction to any medication or outside influences.

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I'm inclined to agree with you, bigdog. On the other hand, if there are known links to something, why take the chance if there are reasonable alternatives?

I'm terribly sorry to hear about your dad. My son's father-in-law died of pancreatic cancer in his 50's not that long after my son's wedding and it was indeed a horrific thing.

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