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Celebrating Christmas with your dog

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1Celebrating Christmas with your dog Empty Celebrating Christmas with your dog on 12/16/2018, 6:48 pm


This amazing Christmas story happened this afternoon. For fifty years we have wrapped and put dog presents under the Christmas tree. We had our current five year old pup watch the 14 year old dog open their present. The older dog lived one more year and the pup got into unwrapping her present. The older dog died and we continued the wrapped present tradition and this is her fifth Christmas. Well with all that is on my wife's plate she did NOT wrap a present for the dog, so when the four grandkids took turns opening their presents, nobody paid any attention to the dog who was waiting for hers.

After it was obvious that all the gifts had been opened and my wife and daughter were gathering the gifts when the dog who was given a toy four years ago which we call baby and she is very maternal and it has a little squeaker in it which she proceeds to bring it in the kitchen and place it on the floor after squeezing it and starts crying. At that time my wife and daughter realized that they had completely forgotten the dog and that she wanted a present. Quick snack pack and some wrapping paper and the dog opened her present and all was good.

Smartest damn dog we have ever owned and the best choice I made on my bucket list.


Lol... there's nothing quite like sad dog eyes.


OMG that's the most heart-rending animal Christmas story I've ever heard.  This one will  be shared with dog-loving friends.

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Poor Baby!

6Celebrating Christmas with your dog Empty Re: Celebrating Christmas with your dog on 12/17/2018, 11:14 pm


Dogs know everything, including the meaning of life. It's us who are stupid.
My dogs told me the meaning of life was to learn unconditional love, of the kind they have. They said once you figure that out, you're cool from then on.
But because of our violent evolution, it's harder for humans to learn that stuff than it is for dogs.

And they never forget. I'm not surprised at all that they expect a Christmas gift when everybody else is getting one.
They are the ones who deserve it most.

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