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White House shares doctored video to support punishment of journalist Jim Acosta

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you do not need to see a doctored video to know that he was pushing the envelope. Civility is difficult when the other person is being uncivil, but as much as I hate to admit this......I would have found his manner disrespectful if it was bush or is not clear cut

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2seaoat wrote:you do not need to see a doctored video to know that he was pushing the envelope.  Civility is difficult when the other person is being uncivil, but as much as I hate to admit this......I would have found his manner disrespectful if it was bush or is not clear cut

Post a link or an example of this alleged "incivility". Merely being contentious is not the same as incivility. I don't recall LBJ or Nixon jerking a White House pass and they suffered a lot of contention.

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What are the implications of releasing an altered video of the incident? Anyone...with a brain?

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The implications are that if you watch it enough it will divert your attention from the new Attorney General and the fact that since he has not been approved by the Senate he does not have the legal authority to do a damned thing about the Mueller probe.
I'm not a Constitutional scholar, but I heard several of them give opinions today, and it was apparently unconstitutional for T.Rump to even appoint an interim AG.  Rosenstein  is the assistant AG and should have been placed into that position. It has to do with an AG who has not been Senate approved being able to supervise an assistant AG who has been confirmed by the Senate. Apparently, there was a ruling on this by the Supreme Court in another case and even Clarence Thomas agreed that it was absolutely stated that way in the Constitution.

The video is just smoke and mirrors, not of any importance at all.  Costas could probably sue for defamation of character though.

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Tort immunity would protect the author of the video if it was edited with good faith, but to get around the tort immunity requires actual malice........I think CNN should at least file and find out who altered the video. These are scary times if the government is nothing more than a propaganda agency. It can get much worse with this sixth grader in office.

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2seaoat wrote:It can get much worse with this sixth grader in office.

Not only can it, it doubtless will. According to a news segment tonight, the White House plan is to smear personally any Democrats that start investigating Trump.

It's gonna get a LOT worse.

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Propagandists gonna propagandate.

Which wasn't a word before, but is now.  Yay, I did something today! Smile

Anyway, yeah, I don't know that it should surprise anyone anymore that the White House is using full-blown Orwell tactics.  Any pretense at honesty has been disposed of, because they found out it's not worth the trouble;  they're playing to their base, and their base only, and they've figured out their base doesn't even need a plausible backstory anymore;  they'll just obediently swallow whatever they're given and repeat it, so, why go through the effort?   I've seen Trump cultist get shown the undoctored video and still deny what their eyes are seeing.  It's creepy, really.

There's a good Twitter thread by Amanda Marcotte on the whole thing.  Starts here:

I'll paste it in for convenience, and so I can boldface some of the parts I think are particularly true:

No one actually believes Jim Acosta did anything wrong.

This is one of those situations where conservatives collectively pretend to believe something they don’t believe.

Pretending to believe something they don’t believe serves multiple purposes.

One, it signals tribal loyalty. Being willing to say blatantly false things shows you put tribe over truth, and that is a critical loyalty test, as anyone who has studied cults can tell you.

Two, they’re trolling. “Triggering the libs” is the meats and potatoes of their political ideology these days (read my book, Troll Nation). Telling blatant lies and watching liberals make themselves crazy insisting on “facts” and “evidence” makes them laugh in delight.

Three, they are trying to push the idea that violence against women isn’t a real problem, but something people only pretend to care about to score points.

How better to seed that idea than only pretending to care to score points?

Fourth, it's about reestablishing Trump's narrative that the media are the "enemy" to be defeated instead of a Fourth Estate necessary to keep democracy healthy. This helps, in turn, fuel the already strong message that democracy is wrong and authoritarianism is right.

Fifth, it's a straight up distraction. Trump wants everyone "debating" a completely obvious video, instead of talking about how he's trying to conceal what is almost certainly very serious crimes by interfering with the Mueller investigation.

You will notice conservatives filing these mentions with insistence that they do, too, believe Acosta did something wrong.

They are, to the last of them, lying.

I block and move on. You should, too. You cannot discourse with people who lie for sport.

One more thought: Watching the ease with which conservatives pretend to believe something they clearly cannot believe — that Acosta did anything wrong — should really be a moment to think about what other beliefs they only pretend to hold. I'd say quite a few!

Trump is accelerating a process that's been going on for decades, where conservatives pretend to believe climate change isn't happening, abortion is murder, evolution is a lie, tax cuts lead to prosperity.

The lies are just getting more blatant as a show of power.

I see the hill some are willing to die on is "no, I swear, the conservatives I know really believe this stupid lie!" To this, I have a couple of rebuttals.

One, it doesn't matter if you are dealing with a liar or someone who has turned himself into a deluded idiot. Either way, they are someone who has decided that truth must be sacrificed for loyalty to Trump and should be abandoned, as they are incapable of reasoned discourse.

Two, I will bet they don't actually believe what you think they do. Here's a piece I wrote two years ago about how a lot of people don't believe what they "believe".

The research shows that people who claim to "believe" false things adjust their "belief" on context. If they are in a "trolling the libs" situation, they "believe" Obama is Kenyan. If they think this is a quiz on political knowledge, they admit he was born in Hawaii.

So your conservative friend insists that he "believes" Acosta did a naughty thing. Remember: He knows you're a liberal. He would like to make you crazy. And how faster to do this than to keep saying a dumb, false thing and bait you into arguing with him?

What you should do is simply tell your conservative friend that if he continues to lie and gaslight, you are ending the conversation and, ideally, the friendship. Why are you friends with lying assholes anyway?

That last little chunk I italicized pretty much covers the "don't feed the troll" thing we're having to do here.

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The "don't feed the troll" thing is what i did to tellitubby and deuce. They just aren't smart enough to be original... or even adapt for that matter. I've seen a few of deuces posts that get quoted and he atleast has some brain cells. But seriously... tel is as dumb as it gets. All he does is spam the board.

Why y'all put up with that is indicative of your own issues.

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But, but, but it was okay with the drug abusing tennis queen from Michigan when the paid Russian troll Markle was spamming this page day and night. LOL. At least I know I still have my foot up the ass of the old cave boy queen. Twisted Evil

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