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Where is that swamp draining water going.......

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Right in the pockets of K street as they schedule secret meetings from the public to eliminate regulation of air and water and doom people to shorter lives and a ruined environment......tar and feathers.......people need to go to jail when they break the law.

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The mobsters are shorting the Chinese and American stock market as the China market heads into the toilet.......oh.....and mensa candidate in the white house is too stupid to understand the Chinese will simply devalue their currency and still export cheap products, and virtually cut off exports from other countries because in addition to the tariffs, there will be currency manipulation, and this idiot has to simply slide a piece of paper across the desk to his son in law and boom......the friends of the family become rich.......weak and hateful people have put this evil person in the white house and he will transfer trillions before this is over to his buds........Tony Soprano would be proud.

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