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open House for friend

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1 open House for friend on 10/1/2017, 7:39 am

I had a sad day Saturday. A good golfing buddy is dying from Prostrate cancer which has spread through his body. He has been traveling to MN to go to the Mayo clinic and has had the best doctors, but Saturday when I saw him I knew he was done. After 9 years fighting cancer and over 70 visits to the 21st floor of Northwestern I can see the look of death. It is a very distinct coloring of gray and the loss of weight. He has had a horrible time with chemo and we almost lost him four weeks ago when a lung infection took advantage of his weakened state.

However, with all the sadness there was joy. He had three sons. Those sons has collectively seven little girls and no boys. So I got to watch with joy in my heart those little girls with green t shirts ( his nick name was Irish) which had printed on the front of each t shirt cer vive. He had his ex girlfriend from seventh grade catholic junior high there who is now a 72 year old woman, with other classmates almost sixty years after they had gone to school together. The journey of life is remarkable but good friends and family make that journey so fulfilling and necessary. I will play poker with him Wed. as folks have tears in their eyes because like me he no longer can play golf, but poker still allows that instinctual competition. I sat and talked to his two brothers who are both fighting Parkinsons, and enjoyed their spouses and the celebration of life. In the end as I drove home, I had a warm feeling that life was going to continue with those seven little girls, and that Irish was always going to be in their hearts. Now I cannot wait for Wed, when I hope I kick his asz in Poker.....there is a beauty to destiny.

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