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pb radio ads against bill to give fee simple

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Here is my biggest complaint. Even today, the County could condemn a leasehold just like it could condemn a fee simple property. Due process compliance would be required, but under both title holding conditions, the public could open up more beach at any time as a legitimate public purpose and with proper compensation to those holding the lease or title.

So this idea that there is a distinction or hinderance to expanding public portions of the island is simply a false flag. It ultimately comes down to equality and fairness. I do not understand the agenda of this group.

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I have argued since Ivan that all single family homes up to four units should be purchased South of Gulf Blvd. with the tax dollars available. Existing public access parking would be expanded four or five house on each side of the access point, and for each unit taken down, a pool of additional units for up to four units could be purchased from a zoning pool and applied to lots on the north side of Gulf Blvd. This would expand public access, and lower flood risks as units went across the street to higher ground.

It would be expensive, but if a strategic plan was announced with purchase over 30 years, the beach would slowly go back to what it was while still allowing private ownership north of Gulf Blvd.

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Humans used to be good at recognizing patterns... and  then acted accordingly.

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Taking actions that would eventually move the houses from the Gulf Side to North of the road is a good idea, but I doubt the developers and condo owners on the Gulf Side would ever agree to it.
Voiding all leases that side of the road would be the only solution, and would be much easier to do than some sort of imminent domain action if the apartments were privately owned.
When people here keep electing crooked developers to office like Matt Gaetz, it's evidence they just don't care. I suspect a lot of them have never visited Miami, where there's a "public access" walkway about once a mile and nowhere to park if you wanted to use it anyway. Mother nature now belongs to the wealthy except in our national Seashores and national parks, and a lot of Republicans want to screw with that too.
Of course, since they also don't care about global warming, the forest fires will take all the beauty in the parks away anyhow. When I saw on the news that the view of Half Dome Rock in Yosemite was obscured by clouds of smoke recently, it made me sick. We were there last Summer and it is the most beautiful sight I've ever seen in my lifetime. It's all just so sad.

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Except that forest fires are a natural phenomenon. Our fire prevention for so many years has just added tender to create bigger and more aggressive fires. So much of the sw plains should've never even had trees. That was grassland all the way to the hill country in Texas. We ought to start choosing ways that are in cooperation with nature. Building expensive structures on the coast are a bad idea. Bad ideas fail. Why should I have to keep bailing out bad ideas?

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Actually voiding leases is not anywhere near as easy as you might think.  A lease is a contract and, unless the lessee is in default, can't be unilaterally vacated.
Also, as many don't understand, leaseholds on Pensacola and Navarre Beaches are bought and sold on the real estate market just as if they were owned properties, and if the county tried to kick people out -- even if "voiding" the lease were possible, which it isn't -- without compensation for the leaseholder's acquisition and other costs, well, one can only imagine.  

Seaoat will probably tell you - don't even get Linda started.  There's so much gross misinformation out there regarding the fee simple legislation (not saying you, bigdog) that it's virtually impossible to battle it all.   We have an entire long thread on the issue not too far back, and we still didn't nearly cover all angles of this complex situation.

I can tell you that the "Save Pensacola Beach" people behind the radio ads (and constant inflammatory scare tactics - see their latest letter to the PNJ editor online today, which, as usual, shows an ABYSMAL lack of knowledge or understanding of the facts), are on a crusade based on conspiracy theories with absolutely no basis in truth or logic, largely thanks to a bad experience that Dianne Krumel (the writer's wife, and chief instigator) had 13 years ago in Perdido Key, where a developer supposedly strong-armed her and seven fellow investors in a smaller multi-family dwelling into selling out to him, so he could put up a condo tower. It bears no relation to anything but her own personal grudge and their misguided campaign of misinformation threatens to derail a very important bill.  

Zoning and land use plans are entirely independent of who owns the property.

Sorry, shouldn't have gotten myself started.   BBL,   LL

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Your knowledge of the beach situation is impressive. Stay the course.

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Joani, I'm thinking you can readily imagine how much it means to me to hear you say, "Stay the course." Wink

Just what I needed today. A very sincere thank you, girl.

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RealLindaL wrote:Joani, I'm thinking you can readily imagine how much it means to me to hear you say, "Stay the course."   Wink

Just what I needed today.  A very sincere thank you, girl.

Too many uninformed people commenting.

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That's for darned sure. One of these days I may have to break down and register on FB just to be able to combat the "uninformed." So far I'm still a holdout...and happier for it, I think.

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I will not do facebook. My wife does and all my friends keep her in the loop without me having to be involved. I pisz people off. Facebook should be a family and friend connector, but too often it becomes our political section. I do not want to use my leisure time insulting friends and family when I can do that here.........and not get a cold shoulder at thanksgiving dinner or Christmas. Mrs. Seaoat is happy, and I am happy. I think facebook removes any semblance of privacy as the world is peeking in on your family and friends. Mr. Markle was a Russian hired gun shill, and if I had to listen to that crap as they are alleging has happened on facebook, I would rather do without the photos of family and friends. My wife stays apolitical, but she does not hide her disdain for Trump as an immoral man. She never argues his politics, simply that he would not leave the man alone with any of her children. I find that an interesting way to put the man in perspective while avoiding political argument.

The idea that this fee simple bill does anything but remedy the unfair tax and lease payments is for scrambled minds to find a conspiracy or issue where none exists. I think there is legitimate concern about the Navarre Pass and the environmental damage it would cost, but that is entirely on the County park at the east end of the island, and would not be impacted by fee simple.

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Ya... I rarely speak to politics on fb. When I have it's just local and issue specific. No need to piss off friends.

That's what this place is for... lol.

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