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Sheriff Joe may have to wear pink underwear

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If, and that's a big if, he serves a day in jail, he'll get the VIP treatment--silk pajamas and catered meals. Most cops love the guy, further evidence that there's no such thing as a good cop.

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He will serve his six months.

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2seaoat wrote:He will serve his six months.

That may be but he isn't going to serve it in a tent city jail with a bunch of black and Mexican kids mostly there because they're the wrong color.

He'll be at the Arizona equivalent of a Club Fed with tennis courts and manicured lawns and he won't be there until all his appeals are done, maybe years. What a joke.

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It'd be fun if he had to do time in David Clarke's jail. But, it'd be even more fun if he had David Clarke for a cellmate...

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