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Fox News Snowflakes Cry About Wonder Woman's Undies

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If they only knew...      thankfully, most of them don't read much.

In her hugely entertaining new book, Jill Lepore sets out to uncover the true story behind both Wonder Woman and her creator. Make that creators: not the least of Lepore’s revelations is that Marston had a lot of help from his wife, Elizabeth Holloway (we have her to thank for “Suffering Sappho,” “Great Hera,” and other Amazonian expostulations), as well as from his former student Olive Byrne, with whom he and Holloway lived in a permanent ménage à trois that produced four children—two from each woman. And Lepore adds another catalyst to the mix. Olive Byrne was the niece of Margaret Sanger, whose youthful brand of romantic, socialist-pacifist feminism was formative for Marston. Sanger’s influence is perhaps the most important of the connections that Lepore teases out between Wonder Woman, the early-20th-century women’s movement, and Marston’s fascinating life and odd psyche, in which the liberation of women somehow got all mixed up with bondage and spanking.

Not that there's anything wrong with that...

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Never read the comic books but Linda Carter was fun to watch. I remember watching Mary Tyler Moore back then and her boyfriends son was reading a comic book.Moore was trying to bond with the little lout so she talked about reading Wonder Woman when she was a kid. Betty White talked about having a crush on Wonder Woman's boyfriend. MTM asked the little brat if he ever read Wonder Woman comics and he replied no because Wonder Woman is too butch. Laughing

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Wait'll the kid grows up. He'll find out you gotta pay extra for "too butch".

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del.capslock wrote:Wait'll the kid grows up. He'll find out you gotta pay extra for "too butch".

I'm surprised that scene didn't earn a headline in the Drudge Report too. Looks like something Mattie would enjoy with one of his boyfriends, probably Andy B.before Andy B. started chewing dirt. Twisted Evil

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Yup... Wightwing snowflakes.

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Meanwhile...let's hear from another superhero.

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