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Lasers are reaching reality in US military

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We have a close friend whose daughter married a very bright physics professor who has been teaching at Universities and getting his phd in laser technology. He just got snapped up by a defense contractor with a huge salary, and unbelievable security clearance which involved investigating both his parents and his wife's parents. I had spoke to him years before this job transfer when he was still teaching at the university and he said the breakthroughs in laser technology will change the way we fight wars. He is now cashing in on MIC as there is a gold rush to snap up the best and brightest as the US MIlitary has recognized the weapon grade laser is getting smaller, more versatile, and more deadly.

I can see the day is not to far away that a drone will boil somebody where they stand from miles away without the kind of collateral damage. we have seen with the so called precise drone strikes,which are not precise and have innocents who die. A country like North Korea could be ringed with drones waiting to shoot down any ballistic missile, maybe not star wars but it will be a game shift.

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