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Has anybody gone to the Rex theater to watch five buck classic films?

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Singing in the rain tonight for five bucks sounds like fun. I guess they do it the third Wed. every month, and my question is do they sell popcorn. I cannot imagine that they do not but was hoping somebody had gone to watch a classic film there. I remember Bob talking about the Rex as a kid, and do not know if I can make it tonight, but I certainly would like to attend in February. I will need to check the start time, but I probably am stuck working until dark. It would be fun to see Debbie Reynolds as a young women. I have told the story of my mother in Hawaii stalking the elevator to get a glimpse of Eddie Fisher and instead of a ten year old kid, I am an old man who wants to go to an old theater so I can think of Bob and smile just a little bit.

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Great, I just started a thread on incompetence in the performance of a person's job, and the web site does not have a start time for the movie. I also noticed that the scheduling does not look very vibrant. Church services and one more movie in Feb.........which they do have the start time. You just cannot make this stuff up.

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They are showing that movie at select theaters in my neck of the woods at 7 pm but not for $5. It's the 65th Anniversary of the film. Turner Classic Movies is sponsoring it but I don't see that in connection with the Rex theater showing. Says tickets available 30 minutes prior to the show at 7 pm. 300 new comfortable seats, stadium and flat seating. Delicious premium cheddar cheese popcorn $2. Bottled water $3. 

Hell Or High Water ( Bob liked this one ) Jan 19, 10:30 am.  Better call about that time. Jim Norton 863-446-7300. $5.

Seasons  January 19, 1 pm. $5.

Coming Soon....Harry and the Snowman, Manchester By The Sea (great movie but depressing as hell. Expect Casey Affleck to win best actor)20th Century Woman. Seasons, The Brand New Testament starts Jan 20. Florence Foster Jenkins starts Jan 21.

Hope this helped.

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So seaoat did you see the movie? Do you plan on seeing any of the upcoming movies? Is anyone else interested? Just asking.

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