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South Dakota cattle found with hemorrhagic disease

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PIERRE, S.D. (AP) - State Veterinarian Dustin Oedekoven says more than 40 cattle herds in southeastern South Dakota have been reported with signs of illness that include fever, ulcers in the mouth, excessive salivation and lameness when walking.

Oedekoven says laboratory tests indicate some ill cattle have been exposed to epizootic hemorrhagic disease, known as EHD. He says the hemorrhagic disease rarely affects cattle, but the state's deer population is currently experiencing an epidemic.

The EHD virus is spread by biting midges. Oedekoven says death is rare in affected cattle herds, but insect control helps prevent the risk of infection in cattle. He says the virus in not known to infect people.

Oedekoven says farmers and ranchers who notice signs of illness in their cattle should contact a veterinarian immediately.

I understand this disease spreads to deer.

now when I saw this it reminded me of something I had read a while back about our food supply being tampered with.

Im very worried about our food supply to be honest.

Farm land being flooded all over the place. all these fires, all these weird never heard of diseases.

I think Im going to get back to doing some more prepping, I had kind of slacked off a little, not given up because I still have a closet full of stuff. anyway, it does make you think.

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