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Bye Bye Big Wheel We hardly knew ya.....

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Paris had it, Pensacola has it and Atlanta could soon get it.

"It" is the massive 180-foot Ferris wheel sitting in Pensacola right now, and it could soon call Centennial Olympic Park its new neighbor.

SkyView Atlanta, a private development company, wants to pull up stakes and set the giant wheel in downtown Atlanta.

The developer would reconstruct a parking lot on Centennial Olympic Park Drive, between Luckie and Nassau streets, now owned by the Tabernacle Concert Hall.

Residents, like Jonathan Ogle, said a new Ferris wheel would spruce up the city's skyline.

"We need some life down here. People come down here to enjoy the sites, I think it'll be good for downtown," Ogle said.

Debbie Lanham gives the proposal her thumbs up.

"I've been on the one in Pensacola. It was fun. I think it would be a nice attraction," Lanham said.

SkyView would not disclose how much the attraction will cost, but spokesman Jason Evans promised the project would not cost taxpayers one cent.

"There is no city money, no public money whatsoever going toward the project. It's 100 percent privately financed," Evans said.

City Council must first approve the Ferris wheel.

Evans said SkyView could have the Ferris wheel up and running in Atlanta in a matter of weeks.

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No great loss......the beauty of the beach does not require PB and Navarre Beach become Panama City.



I agree with Seaoat. I only saw pictures of it, but I think it's no great loss.



I drove by the wheel a few weeks ago and I found it to very small looking. I think they put it in the wrong location at the beach.


Great time to move it is right before the gay weekend, mobile school graduation kids, and tourist season... Maybe they'll put another bar in it's place and cry about the drunks wandering around damaging things and breaking beer or booze bottles in the parking lots.. What a bunch of idiots



Just a little excerpt on the news this evening, it's gone by June 1. Done deal.



We're lucky Studer didn't talk the city into buying the thing and setting it up in Stoodervile right beside the Shinto Temple.




They missed out. They could have just added their net losses to Stooderville and we could paid for it all with one subsidy.

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