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The movie 42

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1The movie 42 Empty The movie 42 4/19/2013, 11:03 pm


I was pissed earlier tonight with the coverage of the events in Boston. I told the wife I needed to turn the TV off and go see a movie. We went to 42. I would recommend this movie. It goes to the fundamental power of this country. It's collective people. The courage of the two stars of this movie, had one common connection.......they were Methodist, and one certainly took his faith seriously. This is a good and fair nation. I was always an Eddie Stanky fan.....loved the man......he was the manager of my beloved White Sox......he was this scrappy little guy who never backed down......and when my hero unbeknown to me crossed the field to confront the Philly manager a tear came to my was an uncontrolled reaction to see the courage of one scrappy little guy not taking crap, or allowing a teammate to take crap. Then when Pee Wee put his arm around Jackie when he was in Cincinnati and his family from KY was watching the game.

But the most powerful scene for me was the one which showed the child with his father or grandfather at the Cincinnati game, as they have this normal conversation about Pee Wee, and he is enjoying the game and then Jackie comes to bat and all around him hate spews out, and he is at first bewildered.....then he simply joins in ....he learns........and then Pee Wee puts his arm around Jackie......the look in that child's eyes for me was looking in the mirror as I sat in a Baptist Church in North Birmingham after the bombing of those four little is that moment that a child questions their uncertain.....does not understand.....this movie was very powerful for me.......from seeing the advertisement on the field in Birmingham which showed the American Cast Iron Pipe Company.....ACIPCO the place where my mother was born four blocks from the plant, and where as a child I had to deal with four bathrooms.......

This movie is a national treasure.....I hope young people watch it, and we understand that this great nation has been divinely inspired......and that courage sometimes requires going against the grain.......all day watching a sheep like reaction of Americans........only to see our core values.....and courage in a movie.......I pray that we can return to courage.

2The movie 42 Empty Re: The movie 42 4/19/2013, 11:06 pm



Good as Lincoln?

3The movie 42 Empty Re: The movie 42 4/19/2013, 11:13 pm


Good as Lincoln?

For most people it will probably be better, but I am a Lincoln nerd....I make no apologies.........I thought Spielberg was brilliant, the screenplay probably the best I have seen, and Lewis......well he has been recognized.....his talent is limitless. No, as much as I loved 42, it was 2hours and a few minutes of pure joy, and as much as I am a baseball junkie........Lincoln was a very special movie..........but this movie was close......a real surprise in my movie going of recent years.....quality is possible.

4The movie 42 Empty Re: The movie 42 4/20/2013, 8:53 am


I forgot to mention that Pensacola got mentioned in the was pretty cool. The period detail was amazing. I do not think a movie so accurately showed the world of my childhood, with the houses, and cars.....even the detail of the landscaping and front porch.

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