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Steig Larsson trilogy - The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo

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I don't know how many have seen the movie by the same name (I haven't), but I just read all three books in this trilogy. I have a copy of the Swedish version of the movie; just haven't watched it yet. Pretty fascinating stuff, related to real-life events. The series explains how it's possible for a rogue group within the Swedish version of the CIA to promote an evil agenda in the name of "national security". (Or, by association, how it could happen in the USA).



I just read those books myself. I haven't enjoyed reading anything so much in years. Move over, Stephen King, you are no longer my favorite author!

My son tells me that the Swedish version of the movie is infinitely better than the US version.



Oh, I agree wholeheartedly with your recommendation, FT! I read the trilogy one book/day on a long weekend. Couldn't put them down. Very, very good. Loved all the characters and the excitement. Not my usual fare, but again, LOVED these books.

I saw the Swedish films afterward, which were also extremely well-done. Then not too long ago I watched the American versions... also very well done, but in my opinion not as good as the Swedish. Only upside to the American films was that I didn't have to read the closed captions. Wouldn't bug me nearly as much now, as my hearing is terrible and I've learned how to turn on the closed captions so I can understand what folks are saying.

GREAT recommendation, FT! Cool

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