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1Netflix Empty Netflix 8/9/2010, 8:49 pm



Anybody on here have Netflix? I just got it last week and have really enjoyed watching some of the "smaller" movies that I've never seen before. I'm into Serial Killer movies (dog named Dexter, what would you think) and really enjoyed an old Ben Kingsley movie called Suspect Zero last night. There are a lot of movies on netflix that you can instant view. Hey, for 8.99 a month, I might just cancel some of my subscription channels.

2Netflix Empty Re: Netflix 8/13/2010, 10:17 am



I too have Netflix and really enjoy it. As well as getting movies in the mail, I have the capability of hooking my laptop computer to my TV and watch online movies when I want to. I know you can also stream them through Xbox and Wii but I am too old for games so I don't think I'll be buying a game console just to watch movies when I have my trustworthy laptop.

I just sent The Bounty Hunter back yesterday and Netflix just notified me via email that they have received it and before the day is over the next movie in my queue will be on the way to me.

I love it.

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