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Here we go again............

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1Here we go again............ Empty Here we go again............ 6/24/2012, 7:04 am


Guest|topnews|text|FRONTPA Why does this guys name. Collier Merill always come up when there is Money involved?....Taylor, characterizing his battle as one of David versus Goliath, is accusing Rebuild of selecting an unqualified firm because of Merrill’s political and personal connections. He insists that the bid process was “just a formality,” and Merrill was effectively already selected.

“The thing just stinks,” Taylor sa

2Here we go again............ Empty Re: Here we go again............ 6/24/2012, 10:06 am



Collier wants to put his in hands in everything it seems. You know he has a sweet heart city lease deal of 15K per yr re the Fish House property. Ultra prime real estate property & the guy in paying pennies on the dollar for it.

I've been in several "nice" homes where Rebuild was involved in & these homeowners could well afford to pay for their own repairs w/o govt asst. I've no prob helping the limited income folks but to help those whom already have the $ to upgrade, That bothers me.

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