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Michigan News

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1  Michigan News Empty Michigan News 11/7/2022, 4:12 pm



Judge rejects Michigan GOP SOS candidate’s request to disqualify absentee ballots in Detroit

Kristina Karamo sought to bar mail-in ballots from being counted in Detroit

A judge has rejected a request by Republican Michigan secretary of state candidate Kristina Karamo to disqualify mail-in ballots from Detroit in the Nov. 8 election.

Just weeks before the general election in Michigan, candidate Karamo filed a lawsuit seeking to disqualify absentee ballots in only the city of Detroit, and instead require Detroit voters to vote in person on Nov. 8. The Republican’s lawsuit claimed that the absentee ballot counting system in Detroit is flawed and violates election law.

A Wayne County judge on Monday dismissed Karamo’s lawsuit, saying the suit “failed dramatically,” and that the claims made by Karamo were “unsubstantiated and/or misinterpret Michigan election law.”

“Plaintiffs have raised a false flag of election law violations and corruption concerning Detroit’s procedures for the November 8th election. This Court’s ruling takes down that flag,” a Wayne County circuit court ruling reads Monday.

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