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ZSOMETHING I Hope You And Yours Are Safe.

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Thanks! I'm fine, I live on some higher ground. People here are getting pretty freaked out by the incompetent response from "The Tater," though. Tate Reeves is looking really bad right now, especially since Jackson's on the national news ever night for having the worst water since Flint. They keep trying to blame the mayor, but the mayor's on record for years of trying to get Tate to give them funding. Instead, Tate's focusing on culture war bullshit like "critical race theory" (which they now can't teach here... which means people's law degrees from Ole Miss are gonna be a joke).

There's a lot of people in the Jackson area in some really bad situations, though. When water's too bad to even be used to flush toilets, there's a major problem. They keep shipping bottled water it, but they can't bring in enough to go around. O' course, Tate got a big water tanker truck parked outside his house, so he and his Christian brood are finnnnne. Rolling Eyes

Tate should be on his way out -- he's done a terrible job in everything -- but he says "Jesus" a lot so people will probably vote for him again just because of that. Frustrating...

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NYC seems to have a poison water problem but it's in a housing complex, not wide spread. How about Florida? Any problems with the infrastructure? Is Duke Energy still running the show in Florida?

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