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What in the Actual Fuck is Going On?

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Watching some of the post Zelensky speech to Congress coverage, and behind a CNN reporter on the Capitol grounds are “Anti NATO Expansion” protestors carrying pink posters.

What in the actual fuck?!

We are such a broken nation.

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It appears, as suspected, that we have several Republican members of Congress and/or governors who happily accepted Russian "donations" through the NRA in 2016.

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The aluminum and oil tycoon also donated $180,000 to Cuomo over two decades. Adding contributions from his wife, Emily, and brother, Alex, the contributions to the disgraced governor total $191,900, according to the BOE records.

With an estimated worth of $34.2 billion, Blavatnik certainly has money to burn.

He gave $2,800 to President Biden in 2020 and $2,900 to Sen. Charles Schumer (D-NY) last year, according to the Center for Responsive Politics’ website. He also pitched in $5,000 to Shaun Donovan for mayor and $2,500 to Ray McGuire’s candidacy last year.



Where do you hear Democrats praising Putin? NOWHERE.

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