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15 Year Old Michigan Shooter Posted Picture Of Gun, His Mommy Thanked Trump

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Now here's the rest of the 2016, the psycho killers mom, thanked Trump for her right to bear arms.

One of the major allegations is that Ethan's father had bought him the handgun he used in the school, while his mother boasted of taking him to practice shooting. Internet sleuths have now found an open letter from Ethan's mother to former President Donald Trump, where she thanked him for allowing her right to bear arms. Posted in her personal blog in November 2016, the letter also criticized illegal immigrant parents whose "kids don’t care about learning and threaten to kill." It bore the signatory as "A hard-working Middle Class Law Abiding Citizen who is sick of getting f**ked in the ass and would rather be grabbed by the p**sy.” The post was also shared by Ethan's father James Crumbley, who said, "My wife can be spot on. Sometimes."

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This is a case where they definitely should be prosecuting the FUCK out of those parents. They are not responsible gun owners. Buying a Sig for a troubled kid? That is idiotic.

These parents are obvious idiots across the board. They should pay everything for judgement that bad.

Posted in her personal blog in November 2016, the letter also criticized illegal immigrant parents whose "kids don’t care about learning and threaten to kill."

How many Mexican kids have shot up a school lately? And how many kids that she and her stupid fucking husband raised have?

I'd risk the immigrant track-record against HER track-record any day. Anything's just gotta be lower than 100%.

"A hard-working Middle Class Law Abiding Citizen who is sick of getting f**ked in the ass and would rather be grabbed by the p**sy.”

Too fucking dumb to know she was getting both.

Do I agree that you should of [sic] shown your tax returns? No. I don’t care what you do or maybe don’t pay in taxes, I think those are personal

She not only doesn't care if Trump fucks her in the ass, she hands him the lube and throws out her sacroiliac from lunging so quickly for her ankles. "I don't care if the rich people making decisions that affect me are cheats and are breaking the law to avoid supporting society for the rest of us, that's personal! I mean, I'll go on to whine that I can't afford car insurance, but if this multi-billionaire avoids paying a few bucks, then good for him!"

What dumb goddamn sheep these people are. Their leaders can't piss on 'em enough to make 'em say "I don't like being pissed on." Conservatives are always slaves to something. If they're can't find an authoritarian to elect to keep a heavy thumb on their heads, then they're making up gods to do it. Just as long as they can get on their knees and obey something. Even if it's fucking pretend.

See Mr. Trump, I support that wall. I am not racist. In fact my grandfather came straight off the boat in Italy,"

Laughing Laughing Laughing "I'm not racist! I still like my grandfather, even though he was white." Holy shit. You can't even parody this sow. "I'm no racist! I'm not bigoted against any white Europeans!" lol! Also, she's descended from immigrants, but now that she's over here, she wants to stop anyone else from having the same opportunities. Good lord what a fucking shitbag. No way could she have raised anything that oughtta have a gun as a teen.

I hope you uncover the cure for cancer, because there is one, we all know it, but you are the one to prove it."

Oh, you pathetically trusting stupidfuck, you.

Year, after year, after year...

Just beliiiiieeeeeeeevvvvvvvve things. Don't, like, verify them or anything. Put your faith in the sociopath... again.

Talking about her gun rights, Jennifer Crumbley wrote, "As a female and a Realtor, thank you for allowing my right to bear arms. Allowing me to be protected if I show a home to someone with bad intentions. Thank you for respecting that Amendment."

She further mentioned, "My son struggles daily, and my teachers tell me they hate teaching it but they HAVE to. Their pay depends on these stupid fucking test scores. I have to pay for a Tutor, why? Because I can’t figure out 4th grade math. I used to be good at math. I can’t afford a Tutor, in fact I sacrifice car insurance to make sure my son gets a good education and hopefully succeeds in life. My parents teach at a school where their kids come from illegal immigrant parents. Most of their parents are locked up. They don’t care about learning and threaten to kill my mom for caring about their grades."

"I can't figure out 45h grade math, I can't afford a tutor or insurance like a responsible person, but I'll buy my child a goddamn Sig Sauer! Yeah, he can't figure out carry-the-two, but I'm sure he'll be fine with how to be responsible with a weapon he has no legitimate use for."

And, of course, she armed her lil' pumpkin after she no doubt fills his head with toxic swill about his school being full of illegal immigrants and how their parents are bad and criminal. And how they threaten to kill people. Instead of, y'know, doing it 'cuz their parents bought 'em a handgun.

In one old video from a few years back, Ethan can be seen being filmed by his parents, while his mother eggs him on to try some spicy horseradish despite his apathy. As he reacts badly to the extremely pungent taste, the parents can be heard laughing out loud in the background.

Ah, the joy to be had from cruelty to your young.

In another video from October 20, James Crumbley can be seen pranking his wife while trying to fix a light bulb. The father of two pretends to be dying from electrocution and as his wife freaks out, he gets up and reveals the prank to her. The entire episode is being filmed by Ethan who gestures a thumbs up in the end.

Hilarious. It's just a huge mystery how their son was lacking the compassion needed not to go killing a bunch of people. Oh well, I guess we'll never know. Rolling Eyes

At Crumbley’s arraignment, Oakland County Sheriff’s Lt. Tim Willis told Judge Nancy Carniak that a search of the boy’s home turned up “two separate videos recovered from Ethan’s cellphone made by him the night before the incident, wherein he talked about shooting and killing students the next day at Oxford High School.”

He said a journal was also recovered from Ethan’s backpack, “detailing his desire to shoot up the school, to include murdering students.” A review of social-media accounts showed he had access to a firearm and practiced with a Sig Sauer handgun, Willis added.

Sounds like a perfect kid to give a handgun to, right?

Honestly, I'm not anti-gun at all, but your teenager absolutely doesn't need a handgun. Almost nobody needs a handgun. To quote Lynyrd Skynyrd, "Handguns are made for killin', ain't no good for nothin' else." If you want to give a teen hunting weapons, shotguns or rifles, and heavily regulate and supervise their use, I'm not against that, for the right kid (which this kid clearly wasn't). But... a fucking Sig for any high school kid? That's pretty hard to justify.

McDonald also said in a Wednesday press conference that evidence showed Crumbley started planning the attack “well before the incident.”

“This isn’t even a close call,” she said. “This was absolutely premeditated.”

She said her office was weighing charging both of Crumbley’s parents, who have declined to speak with investigators, as well. “There is a mountain of digital evidence... we are confident that we can show there was premeditation,” she said.

They gave him the gun four days ago... while he was premeditating things. The kid is, of course, responsible for what he did, but this is clear bad parenting.

This isn't directly related, but since the right-wing gun culture is steeped in bullshit, it's pertinent:

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I can agree that from what we know right now that the parents should be held liable.

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