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There goes Cuomo

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1There goes Cuomo Empty There goes Cuomo 8/3/2021, 1:28 pm


2There goes Cuomo Empty Re: There goes Cuomo 8/3/2021, 2:02 pm



I'm no fan of Andrew C. Not since I heard stories 35 years ago from his own family members that he behaved like a spoiled, unholy terror. A lot like the stories about Matt Gaetz, to a lesser extent. Nothing about sex traffic, like Gaetz, just that Andrew behaved like a bull in a china shop when he was still a young man. Didn't vote for him and won't if he runs again. If Andrew does run for president, I see no reason why the GOP will not support him. After all, recent history suggest that republicans love supporting a pussy grabbing sex fiend who dodged STD's while most real American men were dying in Nam. Thank God there are no sex scandals for Racist Ron. Just the blood of thousands of Covid victims on his hands. Hey little Madison DeSantis, Can you spell Covid deaths, Big Daddy can. Twisted Evil

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3There goes Cuomo Empty Re: There goes Cuomo 8/4/2021, 11:03 am


Yep, Cuomo should resign. If not, then they should kick him out.

Don't know when politicians will get it through their heads that harassing women is dumb. Even if it got them anywhere -- and it won't -- and even if you can get around the sleazy immorality of it -- and ya really can't -- it's just politically dumb. Bill Clinton did a lot of good things, but what's he mostly remembered for? His sleazy predatory stuff with Monica Lewinsky. Just stupid, but they keep on doing it.

Unless they're Trump. Somehow he gets a pass, even though his base claim to be the arbiters of all things moral. Glad to see Dems aren't the same level of hypocrite, at least. When one of theirs screws up, they kick 'em out.

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4There goes Cuomo Empty Re: There goes Cuomo 8/5/2021, 2:14 pm



5There goes Cuomo Empty Re: There goes Cuomo 8/5/2021, 3:26 pm



Of course, republicans don't care when their own treat women like street whores.

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