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Trump To Be Charged With Sedition?

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Don't particularly care which books get thrown at him, as long as there are plenty of 'em. He deserves no less.

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I'm really enjoying this:

Former President Donald Trump’s former campaign lawyer Sidney Powell is apparently backtracking on her claims that voting machines were rigged in favor of now-President Joe Biden in the 2020 election.

After Trump’s loss, Powell repeatedly argued that Dominion Voting Systems machines were manipulated to weigh votes for Biden more heavily than those for Trump, but she never provided any evidence to support the dubious accusation.

Now that Dominion has filed a massive defamation lawsuit against her, Powell is claiming that “no reasonable person” should have taken her prior claims seriously.

Powell moved to dismiss the lawsuit on Monday, arguing that “no reasonable person would conclude” that her accusations of Dominion being part of an election-rigging scheme with ties to Venezuela “were truly statements of fact.”

What this says is that, from the top down, they know that

(A) Trump's claims of election fraud are absolute bullshit, and

(B) they don't consider their base, who they knowingly and admittedly are lying to, to be "reasonable people."

The only reason they dare say this stuff aloud is because they know their base is so fucking stupid and doormat-trained that they can tell them, flat-out to their face, "We think you're stupid and we lie to you," and all their base will do is go, "We don't care, we like it, keep it up."

And considering that these lies -- which they now try to defend by saying, basically, "we didn't think anybody'd actually be stupid enough to believe them!" -- are much of the basis for the insurrection at the Capitol... well, Trump's gonna have a really fun case to deal with.

Meanwhile his supporters are flailing all over the place, trying to find distractions. At the moment about the only thing that's not going well is the border situation, and that's largely due to Biden being handed something that Trump broke completely and there hasn't been time to get back up to speed. The same way Trump takes credit for the previous administration's good economy, he blames the subsequent administration for not being able to work with things he broke. But, Biden will get the border situation stabilized, because this administration actually cares about it. Just gonna be ugly for a while because they're trying to make a completely broken system work.

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(CNN)The Justice Department has referred former acting Washington US Attorney Michael Sherwin's unapproved interview with CBS' "60 Minutes" on Sunday about the Capitol riot cases to its Office of Professional Responsibility, a department lawyer said in court on Tuesday.
The development is a signal of the cautious approach of the Justice Department under now-Attorney General Merrick Garland, a former appellate judge, and how he may attempt to steer his agency away from bold political maneuvers that marked the Trump era.
It also sets an early tone in the Capitol riot cases and future media coverage, as a federal judge complained about Sherwin's interview and a New York Times story.

"Rules and procedures were not complied with" when Sherwin did the interview, said John Crabb Jr., a leading criminal prosecutor for the US Attorney's Office in DC.

Read more:

DOJ refers former Capitol riot prosecutor for internal investigation after '60 Minutes' interview

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