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Inside The Conservative Mind... Don't Go Alone

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Funny, he doesn't sound like he's "got Alzheimers" or is "suffering from dementia" when it isn't a video carefully edited and cherry-picked and designed to dupe stupid-as-fuck conservatives who are - as always - eager to be duped.

And, by the way, this is how a healthy man goes up stairs.

And tears out in a vintage 'Vette, just to rub it in. Very Happy

Never had a 'Vette, but I was raised on a '71 Nova. Wow, was that thing speeding-ticket bait. Smile

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lol! Biden tells a heckler who was standing on top of his truck, "Don't jump! Don't jump!" Very Happy

Gotta love it. Smile

Meanwhile, there's rumors (and note I'm saying rumors because I'm not gonna claim anything as fact until it's confirmed) that Trump's visit to Walter Reed almost involved emergency surgery due to a "cerebral event."

And yet Joe's the one that's supposed to have brain problems? Rolling Eyes

I mean, ya wanna play that game then we can throw them thangs all day, son, and it's always gonna end with you spreadeagle face down horrorshow in a pool of the red red krovvy. Smile

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