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A (REALLY) Short Diary re: White supremacist infiltration of Minneapolis protests

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Whenever you make a conservative "LMFAO" you know you hit a nerve and they're uncomfortable at seeing the kind of group they're part of. "Laughing off" is their favorite technique. Lots easier than actually disproving things.

And I never said I didn't have an agenda. Living in a state completely ruined by y'all idiot fucks kinda necessitates one. Smile Truth is, we all have agendas.

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Floridatexan's always "the left" that loots, pillages and burns...never the Boogaloo idiots or the Proud boys...or the *resident that cheers them on.  I should have made this thread broader.

A (REALLY) Short Diary re: White supremacist infiltration of Minneapolis protests - Page 2 Rittenhouse_trump.jpg?fit=crop&fm=pjpg&h=417&ixlib=php-1.2

Alleged Kenosha Shooter Was In The Front Row Of Trump Rally Earlier This Year

by Rachel Kiley

about 7 hours ago

The 17-year-old who has been charged with homicide after two protestors were shot to death in Kenosha, Wisconsin not only has ties to the police department, but video puts him in the front row of a rally for President Trump earlier this year.

Kyle Rittenhouse was arrested in Antioch, Illinois, where he lives with his mother, after he was identified as the suspect who shot three protestors on Tuesday, resulting in two deaths.

Even before he was formally identified by police, people online discovered his identity and began pulling what information they could on him before his social media presence started being deleted. One of the things that was uncovered was a TikTok video Rittenhouse shared suggesting he was in attendance at a Trump rally in Des Moines, Iowa back in January.

A screenshot of the event as covered by C-SPAN appears to confirm that the teen was in the front row, watching Donald Trump speak at Drake University.

After the discovery, Trump 2020 campaign spokesperson Tim Murtaugh told BuzzFeed News that “this individual had nothing to do with our campaign and we fully support our fantastic law enforcement for their swift action in this case.”

However, no members of law enforcement stopped Rittenhouse from wandering the streets of Kenosha with an AR-15 — either before or after protestors were shot.

Instead, video appearing to show the teen interacting with police throughout the night, both before and after the shootings, has circulated widely across Twitter.

It bears repeating that he was not arrested or detained in any known way by cops while still in Kenosha. It was not until he was fled Wisconsin and was identified online that he was ultimately arrested and charged.

According to BuzzFeed, Rittenhouse was a member of the Public Safety Cadet Program for the Lindenhurst, Grayslake, Hainesville Police Departments, a program that offers “‘hands-on career activities,’ such as riding along with officers on patrol and firearms training.”

The teen’s Facebook page was also filled with pro-gun and pro-police propaganda before being taken down on Wednesday. He had posts dedicated to “Blue Lives Matter,” the pro-police movement used to push back against Black Lives Matter and the fight against police brutality and racism, on both Facebook and TikTok.

His bio on the latter also contained a shoutout to Trump’s 2020 campaign and the statement “Bruh I’m just tryna be famous.”

(I left out the Twitter posts including the video of him interacting with police).


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zsomething wrote:Whenever you make a conservative "LMFAO" you know you hit a nerve and they're uncomfortable at seeing the kind of group they're part of.  "Laughing off" is their favorite technique.   Lots easier than actually disproving things.

And I never said I didn't have an agenda.  Living in a state completely ruined by y'all idiot fucks kinda necessitates one.  Smile   Truth is, we all have agendas.

Bless your pea pickin bigoted heart! You sure make a lot of assumptions but I'm quite sure you've been told that before. A lack of facts and ignorance of the truth doesn't seem to slow you down at all.


gatorfan wrote:

Bless your pea pickin bigoted heart! You sure make a lot of assumptions but I'm quite sure you've been told that before. A lack of facts and ignorance of the truth doesn't seem to slow you down at all.

Not liking an ideology isn't "bigoted," especially when that ideology is a proven failure. If you'd like to try to find areas where the conservative states have more success than the non-conservative ones, go ahead and try. Gonna be a hard row to hoe for ya there, though, budreaux. If conservatism was actually better than moderate or liberal ideologies, in practice, then it'd stand to reason that the states that practice the most conservatism would be leading the country. Instead the opposite is true. Dismiss that if you wish, but dismissing ain't disproving. I'll pull up maps of poverty, infant mortality, etc. if need be. Done it before. That's why I don't like the ideology. If you don't like it... then you don't. If you want to call choosing the best option "bigoted," then, go ahead, but I'm not holding anyone accountable for anything they can't help. You choose what you believe.

I've listed facts up and down the thread, including video, about the topic of white supremacist infiltration. The person who wrote that article that hurt your bitch-ass fee-fees is a political scientist who studies such things and has compiled that info based on evidence. If you have "facts" or "the truth" that would refute them and prove those people mentioned aren't doing what it's said that they are, then present those facts. I do my homework. I've looked up those people and read their posts online. I even go to their boards and get in among 'em to monitor what they're doing. That's what I base my "assumptions" on. But, if you can disprove them, get the fuck on with it, brah, 'cuz I'm tired of just accepting dismissive "you suck!" replies as an "argument." So, I call. Show your hand. I'm pretty confident you're not gonna be able to disprove anything. But that's what you're gonna have to do if you want to accuse me of not speaking the truth about it, or not having facts.

So, go ahead. Get busy. Smile

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"Unjust to the South." my ass. Twisted Evil

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Just more material for the ammo dump.

On a side note, for some reason Tiny Toese (one of the "Proud Boy" assholes) is being allowed to wander around freely amongst cops even though he's got warrants, and is on probation that I'm pretty sure is supposed to prevent him from leaving the state. He'd previously fled the country to avoid arrest, so he's a flight risk.

Tiny was also involved in this assault which he never got held accountable for:

Portland suffers serious street violence as far right return 'prepared to fight'
Jason Wilson in Portland
The GuardianAugust 28, 2020, 5:45 AM CDT
Photograph: Nathan Howard/Getty Images
Photograph: Nathan Howard/Getty Images

Over the last three months in Portland, mass protests against police violence and racism gradually gave way to nightly often violent standoffs between a core of pro-Black Lives Matter and anti-fascist protesters and law enforcement.

But in the past week the city has fallen back into a pattern of more politically polarized street violence which has marked the city throughout the Trump era, with broadly leftwing and anti-fascist activists sometimes facing off against far-right groups.

Last weekend a rightwing “Say no to Marxism in America” rally saw serious, widespread violence. Much of it came from rally attendees – who included members of far-right groups like the Proud Boys – and was directed not only at leftist counter-protesters, but also reporters.
Video: Portland FBI chief shift agency’s focus to acts of violence, federal crimes
Scroll back up to restore default view.

One rightwing protester drew a firearm on opposing protesters. Earlier, he had fired a paintball gun into the crowd, and a local journalist was caught in the crossfire. Others appeared to be armed with firearms and knives. Some carried wooden shields with nails driven through them.

One pro-Trump protester took to a snack van with a baseball bat. Others joined in and destroyed the vehicle.

Near the peak of Saturday’s violence, a reporter’s hand was broken by a rightwing protester with a baton, and video of the incident went viral on social media. That reporter, Robert Evans, has been covering the protests since they began, for Bellingcat and other outlets.

That assailant was identified by Bellingcat on Tuesday as Travis Taylor, a Portland-based Proud Boy who has been previously observed attending violent street demonstrations in the city.

In a telephone conversation, Evans told the Guardian that the rightwing demonstrators “absolutely came prepared to fight”, were “very aggressive from the jump” and were equipped with “knives, guns, paintball guns with frozen pellets, batons”.

Neither the Portland police bureau (PPB) nor the Multnomah county district attorney (MCDA) responded to questions about whether Taylor would be charged or prosecuted over the incident.

It was the worst violence of its kind in the city since an infamous afternoon in 2018, also involving Proud Boys, who came from all over the country to attend a rally that culminated in another vicious street brawl.

But as that precedent indicates, the polarized violence was not so much a new development linked to the massive anti-racism protests that have continued around the US, as a return to the dynamic that has afflicted Portland since the election of Donald Trump.

From 2017 to 2019, the city was a magnet for street protesters and street fighters from groups like Patriot Prayer and the Proud Boys, who were regularly met by antifascist counter-protesters.
A sign reading ‘Abolish PPB’ is seen on shields held by demonstrators during a protest in Portland, Oregon, at the weekend. Photograph: Terray Sylvester/Reuters
A sign reading ‘Abolish PPB’ is seen on shields held by demonstrators during a protest in Portland, Oregon, at the weekend. Photograph: Terray Sylvester/Reuters

At rallies in 2018 and 2019 hundreds of rightwingers from all around the country descended on Portland, and rightwing media and e-celebrities worked hard to identify the city with “antifa”, a movement that conservatives from Trump down have sought to demonize.

Throughout this period, PPB were regularly accused by protesters and media outlets of heavy-handed, one-sided enforcement.

This year, however, as the Black Lives Matter protests sprang up in Portland, members of far-right groups had not been a significant factor during an unbroken 85-night streak of protests. Instead the focus of many protesters was the presence of federal agents in the city – which became a national scandal as local elected officials sought to force the Trump administration to withdraw them.

Mainstream media attention was then diverted after the apparent resolution of the conflict over the unwanted presence of federal agents. But now the renewed presence of rightwing groups in the city has some fearing the fresh violence will continue, especially because activists say the PBB has a record of not intervening to prevent rightwing violence.

Amy Herzfeld-Copple, the deputy director of Portland-based progressive non-profit, the Western States Center, wrote in an email that: “Portland police allowed alt-right and paramilitary groups to sow chaos and deploy violence against the community with apparent impunity.”

She added: “There’s a real risk that protests for racial justice and police reform will be subsumed by alt-right mayhem if city leadership doesn’t change its approach.”

The office of Portland’s mayor, Ted Wheeler, did not directly respond on Monday to questions on last weekend’s violent events.

Not all locals blame PPB for the violence.

James Buchal, chair of the Multnomah county Republican party, wrote in an email that “as Republicans, we condemn the cowardly and totalitarian attacks on the pro-police demonstrators” by leftist demonstrators.

And not all locals consider the confrontation with far-right groups to be a distraction from the cause of protesting against police brutality against Black communities.

A spokesperson for Rose City Antifa, a long-established local anti-fascist network which has supported the protests downtown, wrote in an email: “Police brutality and white nationalist organizing are two sides of the same coin, and they should be addressed as such.”

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Yeah, that's what I thought.

Anyway, back to the ammo pile. Remember how upset some folks (who show zero understanding of it) get about "Fast and Furious"? Well, some Trump fans just got nabbed trying to sell guns to Hamas.

And, once again, this is a right-wing group that has been repeatedly caught infiltrating BLM protests, posing as "Antifa," and doing violence and destruction.

Also, 93% of protests were found to be peaceful... and a lot of the violence that was there has been discovered to be of outside origin, much of it right-wing.

Again, I understand that info won't please some people, but you'll either have to do some work and disprove it, or accept the fact that you can't. I don't give a fuck about your weak-ass "LOL"ing. I know ya hate me, and I couldn't care less -- facts are what you have to bring if yer gonna swing.

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And now it's out that the Trump administration have been aiding and abetting white supremacists (and Russia) by helping hid their activities. They were also told to play up any left-wing violence they could find, while minimizing the right-wing. This goes right along with the right-wing infiltration of the protests that I was talking about.

And, surrrrre, there's nothing to "Trump/Russia"...they just want it hidden because... ????

I swear, this regime seems to be using the tactic of just doing SO MUCH HORRIBLE stuff that nobody can even focus on any of it. It just overwhelms.

Almost every day Trump's cabal does three things that would have destroyed any other presidency... and because his base is a cult, he's never held accountable in the least.

I dunno what's got to happen to get Trump's apologists to start admitting they've been had, supporting this corrupt bastard. You can grip 'em by the scruff of their weak little fused-up necks and scrub their pugly nose in the piddle all you want and they'll still just squeak "what about?!?!" and babble made-up horseshit about their weird fantasies of adequacy.

Whistle-Blower: D.H.S. Downplayed Threats From Russia and White Supremacists

The former head of the Homeland Security Department’s intelligence division has accused three senior leaders of warping the agency around President Trump’s rhetoric.
Chad F. Wolf, the acting secretary of homeland security, directed the whistleblower to stop producing assessments on Russian interference.
Chad F. Wolf, the acting secretary of homeland security, directed the whistleblower to stop producing assessments on Russian interference.Credit...Anna Moneymaker for The New York Times
Zolan Kanno-YoungsNicholas Fandos

By Zolan Kanno-Youngs and Nicholas Fandos

Sept. 9, 2020
Updated 3:26 p.m. ET

WASHINGTON — Top officials with the Department of Homeland Security directed agency analysts to downplay the threat of violent white supremacy and of Russian election interference, according to a whistle-blower complaint filed by a top intelligence official with the department.

Brian Murphy, the former head of the intelligence branch of the Homeland Security Department, said in a whistle-blower complaint filed on Tuesday that he was directed by Chad F. Wolf, the acting secretary of the department, to stop producing assessments on Russian interference. The department’s second highest ranked official, Kenneth T. Cuccinelli II, also ordered him to modify intelligence assessments to make the threat of white supremacy “appear less severe” and include information on violent “left-wing” groups, according to the complaint, which was released Wednesday by the House Intelligence Committee.

In so doing, the two top officials at the department — both appointees of President Trump — appeared to shape the agency’s views around Mr. Trump’s rhetoric and interests.

Mr. Murphy, who was removed from his post in August after his office compiled intelligence reports on protesters and journalists in Portland, Ore., asserted in the complaint that he was retaliated against for raising concerns to superiors and cooperating with the department’s inspector general. He asked the inspector general to investigate.

“The protected disclosures that prompted the retaliatory personnel actions at issue primarily focused on the compilation of intelligence reports and threat assessments that conflicted with policy objectives set forth by the White House and senior Department of Homeland Security” officials, Mr. Murphy’s lawyers wrote in the 24-page complaint.

The department has stalled in releasing an implementation plan on combating white supremacy and other forms of domestic terrorism for nearly a year. Hours before the release of the complaint, Mr. Wolf highlighted the threat of “white supremacists extremists or anarchists extremists” in an annual address summarizing the work of the department. He said the department would release a blueprint to combat the threats this week, although it was not clear if it would be made public.

House Intelligence Committee Democrats said on Wednesday that the complaint detailed violations of law and abuses of authority that put “our nation and its security at grave risk.”

“We will get to the bottom of this, expose any and all misconduct or corruption to the American people, and put a stop to the politicization of intelligence,” said Representative Adam B. Schiff of California, the committee’s chairman, in an accompanying statement.

The whistle-blower complaint comes almost exactly a year after Mr. Schiff’s panel publicized the existence of another intelligence-related complaint about Mr. Trump’s efforts to pressure Ukraine to investigate his political rival, Joseph R. Biden Jr., a document that ultimately led to the president’s impeachment by the House. Mark S. Zaid and Andrew P. Bakaj, the Washington lawyers who represented the Ukraine whistle-blower, whose identity remained anonymous throughout the impeachment saga, are now working for Mr. Murphy.

Mr. Schiff said in his letter that he had asked the national security official to sit for a deposition on Sept. 21, and a public hearing could follow. But this time, with fewer than eight weeks until Election Day, the House is likely to have little meaningful recourse beyond publicizing Mr. Murphy’s claims.

CNN first reported the existence of the complaint and the details about its contents.

In a statement, Mr. Zaid said that they had informed the executive and legislative branches of his claims and would cooperate with congressional oversight requests.

“Mr. Murphy followed proper lawful whistle-blower rules in reporting serious allegations of misconduct against D.H.S. leadership, particularly involving political distortion of intelligence analysis and retaliation,” he said.

Copy of the whistle-blower complaint:

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And just more info for the case I'm makin', that right-wing sKKKum is behind a lot of the violence.

Wed 23 Sep 2020 15.00 EDT

Leaked chat logs show Portland-area pro-Trump activists planning and training for violence, sourcing arms and ammunition and even suggesting political assassinations ahead of a series of contentious rallies in the Oregon city, including one scheduled for this weekend.

The chats on the GroupMe app, shared with the Guardian by the antifascist group Eugene Antifa, show conversations between Oregon members of the Patriots Coalition growing more extreme as they discuss armed confrontations with leftwing Portland activists, and consume a steady diet of online disinformation about protests and wildfires.

At times, rightwing activists discuss acts of violence at recent, contentious protests, which in some cases they were recorded carrying out. At one point, David Willis, a felon currently being sued for his alleged role in an earlier episode of political violence, joins a discussion about the use of paintballs.

Where other members had previously suggested freezing the paintballs for maximum damage, Willis wrote: “They make glass breaker balls that are rubber coated metal. They also have pepper balls but they are about 3 dollars a ball. Don’t freeze paintballs it makes them wildly inaccurate” [sic.]

Willis did not immediately respond to voice and text messages sent to his listed cellphone number.

Another prolific poster is Mark Melchi, a 41-year-old Dallas, Oregon-based car restorer who claims to have served as a captain in the US army.

Melchi has been recorded leading an armed pro-Trump militia, “1776 2.0” into downtown confrontations in Portland, including on 22 August. At several points in the chat he proposes violence in advance of those confrontations, and appears to confess to prior acts committed in the company of his paramilitary group.

In advance of the 22 August protest, Melchi wrote: “It’s going to be bloody and most likely shooting, they’re definitely armed… so let’s make sure we have an organized direction of movement and direction of clearing or other Patriots will be caught in the possible cross fire. When shit hits the fan.”

He advised other members to ignore weapons statutes, writing, “I saw someone say bats, mace, and stun guns are illegal downtown. If you’re going to play by the books tomorrow night, we already lost. We are here to make a change, laws will be broken, people will get hurt… It’s lawlessness downtown, and people need to be prepared for bad things.”

Following these comments, several rightwing demonstrators were recorded using gas and bats on 22 August, where Melchi and his militia were also present.

In other remarks ahead of the day, Melchi draws on what he claims is his group’s history of traveling to multiple states to engage in violence at protests.

“My Group 1776 2.0. Has been fighting Antifa in Seattle, Portland, for months”, Melchi writes, adding “this won’t be a simple fist fight. People will get shot, stabbed and beat.”

He also claims police cooperation in interstate violence, writing “Yes, going after them at night is the solution… Like we do in other states, tactical ambushes at night while backing up the police are key. You get the leaders and the violent ones and the police are happy to shut their mouths and cameras.”

Melchi nevertheless recommends that members disguise themselves to avoid the consequences of homicide.

“We must be ready to defend with lethal response… Suggest wearing mask and nothing to identify you on Camera…to prevent any future prosecution.”

In response to detailed questions about these contributions, Melchi responded with an email that falsely suggested his comments might have been photoshopped, and concluded with direct threats.

Melchi wrote: “I suggest you don’t threaten combat veterans sweetheart, might get a little uncomfortable for ya big guy!”

Melchi’s sentiments in the chat logs were in keeping with fantasies of, and plans for, violence, which are constantly discussed by group members.

Although some members are connected with extremist groups or militias, on the whole they describe themselves as “patriots”, and they express no clear ideology beyond a hatred of the left, and a preparedness to use violence. The shared allegiances expressed in the group are mostly to the police, the United States and Donald Trump, a person whom some say they are prepared to kill for.

Ahead of 22 August, a user “Paige” says “I’m waiting for the presidential go to start open firing”.

Melchi, the militia leader, responds, “Well Saturday may be that go lol”.

Alex Newhouse, the digital research lead at the Center for Terrorism, Extremism, and Counterterrorism at the Middlebury Institute, said of the group that “the main mechanism that makes these communities so dangerous is the incessant desensitization to the idea of political violence”.

Newhouse said that the ideas expressed in the group were entrenched in “extreme nationalism – that a few strong men with guns can together take out an evil that is at once imagined as an existential threat, and pathetically weak”. Newhouse added that the group’s discussions “fit within a broader trend of rightwing extremists becoming more accelerationist over time”.

The chatlogs became fractious at the peak of Oregon’s recent wildfire emergency. While some members said they had gone to rural areas to “hunt” imagined antifa arsonists, others became concerned about the dangers.

As early as 9 September, the baseless idea that the fires were a coordinated arson attack was treated as settled fact, with Melchi writing: “People have officially died from these Antifa Fires. I’d shoot them on site” [sic], and another user, Dub, responding: “Yes sir if I see them they are getting dropped where they stand.”

When adverse consequences of vigilantism became evident, leadership attempted to bring the group back under control. After a member of the group reported that an associate had been arrested in Lane county for “holding [someone] at gunpoint”, the group’s administrator, who used the user name Patriot Coalition, wrote “STOP HOLDING PEOPLE AT GUN POINT- STOP PULLING YOUR WEAPONS… VIDEO- TAKE PICTURES AND CALL 911.”

Mary McCord is the legal director of the Institute for Constitutional Advocacy and Protection at Georgetown Law School, which on Wednesday released a series of fact sheets on anti-paramilitary laws in all 50 states.

Given details of the content of the chats, McCord said that “this is the kind of thing that might allow authorities to take action”, and that members of the group may “already be in violation of Oregon’s anti-paramilitary laws”.

The group also talked about coordinating at the rally with the Proud Boys, an extreme rightwing group. One user, identified as Bravo91 and a part of the group’s leadership, spoke of phone calls with the Proud Boys.

Along with antifascist demonstrators, Democratic politicians are also the target of violent fantasies in the chats. In particular, Portland’s mayor, Ted Wheeler, is demonized and nominated as a possible target for assassination by the group.

On 24 August, a user identified as “Trent-Medford” writes, “Fuck wheeler… guess what soon as we are done with these punks. He’s next freakin coward !!!!!!”

User T Durden went further. In response to news that an alleged arsonist had been released on bail, and without encountering disagreement, they wrote: “Maybe we need to start taking care of the justice ourselves!”, adding, “Start with justice on our DA and then move on to the governor. Maybe by the time we get to the first judge, they will have changed their tunes.”

These assholes are clearly sure that they are committing violence with Trump's approval. If that's not the message that Trump's trying to send (and let's just admit that it fucking IS) then he needs to make that clear.

Trump is doing everything he can to interfere with the election process. And if (when) he's defeated, I have no doubt he'll start signalling his more violent cultists to start killing, because he'll think that's his way to salvage a reign that his ego can't stand being denied him.

It's surreal that he has any supporters left at this point. I don't know how anyone with even basic patriotism reconciles themselves with supporting someone who does what he's doing. But, they aren't really patriots, anyway... they're just watered-down white supremacists who won't admit it to themselves, and weak-minded cult-follower types who just HAVE to belong to something, even if it's something monstrous.

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Don't mind me, just part of my endless stocking of this ammo dump (which is proving quite useful).

Boogaloo Boi tries to frame BLM by setting fires and firing a weapon while shouting "Justice for George Floyd." These guys want to start a Civil War and they know conservatives are afraid of Black Lives Matter, so they do anything they can to stoke that fear by making them appear more violent. It's an ongoing project of theirs. If they can pit two groups against each other, they can try to inflame that into the civil war that they want. And they want a racial, whites-vs.-blacks, conservatives-vs.-liberals war, so the best way to do it is to make what the conservatives most fear look as violent as possible.

Luckily for society, and unluckily for the Boogs, they're kinda dumb and keep getting caught at it. But you can't expect much out of guys who think Hawaiian shirts are good camouflage. They also cover themselves with identifying patches with igloos and other silly shit on them, mostly because the thing they really want, even more than a civil war (which they have no idea what it'd be like), is to "belong to something." Conservatives are big "joiners," they always gotta have a group, be it church or whatever else. Whenever they're alone, they're scared. That's one reason this lockdown is harder on them than most people, they can't stand the isolation. I've met few that had any kind of interesting internal life, so it doesn't surprise me much.

In the wake of protests following the May 25 killing of George Floyd, a member of the “Boogaloo Bois” opened fire on Minneapolis Police Third Precinct with an AK-47-style gun and screamed “Justice for Floyd” as he ran away, according to a federal complaint made public Friday.

A sworn affidavit by the FBI underlying the complaint reveals new details about a far-right anti-government group’s coordinated role in the violence that roiled through civil unrest over Floyd’s death while in police custody.

Ivan Harrison Hunter, a 26-year-old from Boerne, Texas, is charged with one count of interstate travel to incite a riot for his alleged role in ramping up violence during the protests in Minneapolis on May 27 and 28. According to charges, Hunter, wearing a skull mask and tactical gear, shot 13 rounds at the south Minneapolis police headquarters while people were inside. He also looted and helped set the building ablaze, according to the complaint, which was filed Monday under seal.

Unrest flared throughout Minneapolis following Floyd’s death, which was captured on a bystander’s cellphone video, causing Gov. Tim Walz to activate the Minnesota National Guard. As police clashed with protesters, Hunter and other members of the Boogaloo Bois discussed in private Facebook messages their plans to travel to Minneapolis and rally at the Cub Foods across from the third precinct, according to federal court documents. One of the people Hunter coordinated with posted publicly to social media: “Lock and load boys. Boog flags are in the air, and the national network is going off,” the complaint states.

Two hours after the police precinct was set on fire, Hunter texted with another Boogaloo member in California, a man named Steven Carrillo.

“Go for police buildings,” Hunter told Carrillo, according to charging documents.

Benjamin Ryan Teeter, left, a North Carolina resident charged with conspiracy to provide aid to a foreign terrorist organization, is pictured with Ivan Harrison Hunter, a Texas resident who was charged Oct. 19 in a federal criminal complaint with interstate travel to incidte a riot. The complaint alleges that he fired several shots into the Minneapolis Police Third Precinct building. This photo was included with the sworn affidavit, filed by the FBI, that serves as the basis for the complaint.

“I did better lol,” he replied. A few hours earlier, Carrillo had killed a Federal Protective Services Officer in Oakland, Calif., according to criminal charges filed against him in California.

On June 1, Hunter asked Carrillo for money, explaining he needed to “be in the woods for a bit,” and Carrillo sent him $200 via a cash app.

Five days later, Carrillo shot and killed a sheriff’s deputy in Santa Cruz when authorities tried to arrest him, according to charges filed in California. Authorities say he then stole a car and wrote “Boog” on the hood “in what appeared to be his own blood.”

Brags on social media

A couple of days later, during police protests Austin, Texas, police pulled over a truck after seeing three men in tactical gear and carrying guns drive away in it. Hunter, in the front passenger seat, wore six loaded banana magazines for an AK-47-style assault rifle on his tactical vest, according federal authorities. The two other men had AR-15 magazines affixed to their vests. The officers found an AK-47-style rifle and two AR-15 rifles on the rear seat of the vehicle, a pistol next to the driver’s seat and another pistol in the center console.

Hunter denied he owned any of the weapons found in the vehicle. He did, according to the complaint, volunteer he was the leader of the Boogaloo Bois in South Texas and that he was present in Minneapolis when the Third Precinct was set on fire. Police seized the guns and let Hunter and the others go.

Hunter had bragged about his role in the Minneapolis riots on Facebook, publicly proclaiming, “I helped the community burn down that police station” and “I didn’t’ protest peacefully Dude ... Want something to change? Start risking felonies for what is good.”

“The BLM protesters in Minneapolis loved me [sic] fireteam and I,” he wrote on June 11. According to the complaint, “fire team” is a reference to a group he started with Carrillo “that responds with violence if the police try to take their guns away.”

“Hunter also referred to himself as a ‘terrorist,’ ” the complaint states.

A confidential informant told police that Hunter planned to “go down shooting” if authorities closed in. He didn’t. They arrested him without incident in San Antonio, Texas this week and he made his first court appearance Thursday.

Hunter is the third member of the Boogaloo Bois, a loose-knit group intent on igniting a second American civil war, to be charged in Minneapolis as a result of the unrest that followed Floyd’s death.

Michael Robert Solomon and Benjamin Ryan Teeter were indicted in September with conspiracy to provide material support for a foreign terrorist organization.

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