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Louisiana postpones presidential primary due to coronavirus and other fallout of failure to address virus outbreak

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Louisiana postpones presidential primary due to coronavirus

Louisiana will postpone its presidential primary, which was originally scheduled for April 4, as part of the state government’s response to the coronavirus pandemic.

The state is the first in the nation to postpone a primary since the outbreak of the virus. Louisiana Secretary of State Kyle Ardoin announced the contest will be delayed until June 20.

Do we give Donny credit for thinking this far ahead? I think this added layer of confusion is an unintended consequence of his short term goal of artificially keeping his numbers of cases down. Now it has blossomed into a cascade of disruption across the country effecting everything from the stock market to Walmart to school closings etc.

If he was aiming for chaos, he certainly got it. If he was aiming at triggering a recession; I don't think that was intended. At any rate his failure has consequences.

BB in Israel just put off their election too.  


Speaking of putting off elections, earlier today when I heard of the president's saying he was "memorizing" all the powers that the emergency declaration would give him, I fully expected him to postpone the November presidential election, somehow giving himself a longer term in office and a chance to distance himself from the coronavirus fiasco.

Wouldn't be one bit surprised. Could happen, now or later.

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